Tuesday 14 May 2024

Contemporary wind - group show of paintings at Raja Ravi Varma art gallery

 The various artists participating in this art exhibition include:

Alka C Singh, Arpita Vyas, Poulami Jagtap, Jiban Krishna Thakur, Resshama Valliappan, Onjali M Prasada, Priti Anand, Kranti Desai, Rishi Baksi, Zahra Ansari, Brinda Nilesh, Kavita Tambolkar, Nilanjana Roy, Sulochana Gawde, Ena Saini, Gitanjali Sengupta,  Kshipra Pitre, Shagun Lathi, Saikat Baksi.

Contemporary wind - group show of paintings at Raja Ravi Varma art gallery

Contemporary Wind, an exhibition organized by Romartika Art Decoded, showcasing paintings by nineteen emerging artists is taking place at the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery in Pune from the 14th to the 19th of May 2024. The show is inaugurated by distinguished artists Prakash Ambegaonkar and Zen Vartan. Saikat Baksi, an author and art enthusiast known for the popular podcast about socio-political and psychological aspects of art, "Art Beyond Canvas," curated the exhibition.

Every artist in the exhibition presents a unique style and content. Aprit Vyas's Pop-inspired artworks surprise the viewers with their vibrant color palette. Onjali M Prasada's unique portrayal of women's faces conveys deep sorrow and wild joy simultaneously. Preeti Anand and Alka C Singh's abstract landscapes transport viewers into a mysterious world of mystic charm. Kranti Desai’s depiction of the eastern theological worldviews on canvas is highly engaging. Landscapes by Nilanjana Roy, Gitanjali Sengupta and Ena Saini offer impressionistic charm. Sulochana Gawde's lifelike depiction of ancient sculptures breathe life into the painted rocks. Jiban Krishna’s pen and ink works are mysteriously thought provoking. Brinda Nilesh’s infusion of tribal style into mythical backdrop pulsates with innocent vitality. Resshma Valliappan’s abstracts are testimony to the whirlwind of passion in the human mind. Indian classical and modern distortion merge in perfect rhythm on Kavita Tambolkar’s canvas. Saikat Baksi's surrealistic paintings lead the viewers on a mysterious quest to uncover the truths of life. Shagun Lathi’s naturalistic paintings are engaging in a nostalgic way. Zahra Ansari and Rishi Baksi’s paintings are leading indicators of art in the world of tomorrow. Harmony of forms and color dance on the canvases of Poulami Jagtap.

Eminent artists, Sharad Tarde and Suchita Tarde will engage in deep analysis with the artists about their artworks. It is an unmissable visual treat for art lovers.

From: 14th to 19th May 2024, Romartika Art Decoded presents

“Contemporary Wind” A Group show of paintings by 19 emerging artists

 VENUE:  Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery

Ghole Road, Shivajinagar,

Pune, Maharashtra 411005

Timing: 11am to 7pm

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