Wednesday 27 March 2024

“Tradition Bound” Solo show of paintings By Well-known artist Kappari Kishan in Jehangir


Artist: Kappari Kishan

Kappari Kishan's paintings showcase a plethora of cultural and colourful vibes. His works accentuate happiness, simplicity and traditional ethos of his native being. The timeless hair decorations,  formal attires worn by Telugu women are an uncommon site these days and are best reserved for festivities. Here the artist still remains truthful to his subject and continues to being elusive. Come rain or shine the characters are geared up to brace the natural form of adversaries donning beautiful umbrellas. 

Acrylic on canvas

Braids, tiny hair jewellery and flowers are  featured in his work. The costumes of the characters have a distinct south Indian flavour and his love for painting the rear anatomy of his characters and painting Telangana women consistently for more than two decades now is  certainly  admirable. 


With the progression of time artists disembark from forms but Kappari Kishan is vehemently inducing serenity and mindfulness into his work.


Serene Buddha's, scenes from the Jataka tales along with the women characters is the metamorphosis and obvious in his present body of work. The faceless characters may appear quite mundane but for him the journey is quite therapeutic and a  motivation to open up his canvas. 


And one fine day when these traditional looking damsels vanish from the earth Kappari Kishans works will narrate "once upon a time they were people who dressed up so beautifully"  and the story continues and becomes elusive.

From 25th to 31st March 2024

“Tradition Bound”

Solo show of paintings

By Well-known artist Kappari Kishan



Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11amto 7pm.

Contact: +91 9848747432


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