Sunday 19 March 2023

An Exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh “Frozen in Time” - Jehangir Art Gallery -From: 15th to 28th March 2023

 The field of photography, is a highly developed art form that has passed through various stages of development in its century long history determined by the technological transformation from film to digital formats and evolved through human effort and genius into the present form. Though one can feel and experience the beauty and joy of the art but it requires some expertise to venture into an informed appreciation.    
Kabeer Ramesh

 Kabeer’s Photography has a span of different locations, though historically important such as from Parise to Berlin, Shillong, Meghalaya, Assam, to Saputara in Gujarat and then in Mumbai Pune etc. 
To begin with your work is characterised by vividness and attention to diversity – of contexts, themes, time, moods, etc.  

 I am specifically charmed by the three photographs – of a child, an elderly woman and an old worker. Needless to say the context of them unambiguously and elegantly provide the cultural and social background - being urban, Maharastrian. The little girl looking up at the sky captures her innocent enchantment with something left to us to guess or imagine. The woman roasting corn on coals with details of container, corns and other vessels seeks to capture an important aspect of the urban life. The elderly worker who could be a dubbawala or hamal or porter presents a countenance that reflects the hard reality of a worker weather beaten as the wrinkles on his face bear witness to. The unity of art and life ought to form the centrality of any genuine art.  

 The remaining photographs capture the different sites and symbols of old and new. In this collection, the presence of Socrates is eminently relevant as Socratic vision premised on the centrality of ‘Reason’ and its primacy over emotions, ‘appetites’, desires presents hope  in the dystopian reality we find ourselves increasingly engulfed in. Socratic dialogic tradition of affirmation, contestation and resolution can help us in reasoning a way out of our predicaments, dilemmas and enigmas. Photography as an art form can be an important mode of argumentation and thereby engage us in positive dialogue.


Professor Srinivasulu Karli
University of Hyderabad

From: 15th to 28th March 2023
“Frozen in Time”
An Exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh


Jehangir Art Gallery
Terrace Gallery
M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda
Mumbai 400 001
Timing: 11am to 7pm.
Contact: 9920072573


This exhibition was inaugurated on 15th March 2023 by Adv. Jayant Gaikwad, IAS(Retired), in the presence of  Ms. Alexandra Mockel (Leipzig University, Germany) and many others.  

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