Tuesday 14 February 2023

‘The Caves’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 15th to 21st February 2023.

The show will be inaugurated on 15th February 2023 at 6pm by Shri. Rajeev Mishra (Director of Art, Govt. of Maharashtra Principal, Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai), Dr. Santosh Kshirsagar(Dean Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai), Shri. Pankaj Kanal(Principal Architect Designous Build Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.  

Artist: Santosh Kshirsagar

I belong to a family of artists and art lovers. I have been fortunate to have a successful career in architectural and design photography and many of the design stories photographed by me have been regularly covered in nationally and internationally renowned publications. I have been privileged to have exhibited my work in Pune on three occasions, once in association with one reputed architect firm and twice in collaboration with a media house. I have been interviewed and felicitated by a design forum. More than all these professional achievements, I believe my professiona has helped me find out the purpose of my life.

As a child, I remember visiting ‘Jehangir’ with my father to experience the art of many stalwarts. In those innocent days I could meet and see the work of masters like Bendre, B. Prabha, Hebbar and many more. The dream of having my own exhibition at Jehangir might have initiated there is my subconscious and is getting fulfilled after years of long waiting.

I am feeling very happy and blissful to share that I am having my first solo show titled  ‘The  Caves’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 15th to 21st February 2023. In this show I am going to exhibit some selected ‘ Stonescapes’, which I have captured in last decade. For me it was a spiritual journey from shooting an ‘object’ viewed through the lens to the ‘subject’ felt with the heart and soul. In short they are an extension of architectural photography and can be named as ‘soulful light paintings’ captured though my camera as ‘the’ tool.

In my journey of architectural photography, I came across many master architects and creative designers. World renowned architect Shri. Christopher Benninger sir is one of the most important amongst them all. He not only blessed me with the inauguration of my second exhibition in Pune, but also inspired me to set larger goals in life. Now, I sincerely wish to dedicate this exhibition ‘The Caves’ to him.

So, my humble wish and desire that you all join us at Jehangir on 15th February at 6pm for the inauguration ceremony to celebrate art, enjoy the unknown stories of our bygone era and  feel the life beyond life in ‘The Caves’.

The show will continue till 21st February 2023 between 11am to 7pm.

Press Release

From: 15th February to 21st February 2023


A Solo Show of Stonescapes…

By well-known Architectural Photographer Anand Diwadkar



Jehangir Art Gallery

M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, 

Mumbai 400 001                             

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 98230 80623

Email: diwadkar.anand@gmail.com


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