Wednesday 17 August 2022

Dibakar Das, Solo Exhibition

Nippon Gallery is pleased to present Dibakar Das solo exhibition “Lines”

“Being an artist, I believe that art work speaks for itself; it has its own language, one can feel the visual aspiration before describing it in words.” The visual quality of drawing, ink on paper, is a creation of the whole cosmos by tender touching, sensitive lines like a spider web. There is no specificity as such, although it involves ambiguity space, all seen unseen, day to-day life ‘objects’ forms are derived from nature, inspired by observation of shape and cyclic change, but their appearance only matters in so far as it symbolizes an inner actuality that receives meaning from its relationship to the cosmos. The surface is played in the continuity of shifted vision and multiple layers create dimension. A single image is created by multiple contours or visa-versa to build up a form. Whole Drawing is an ongoing visual dilemma, which once started, involves the artist playing till visual satisfaction is achieved. The key to drawing is the involvement of the artist, both physically and psychologically, in art work.

Artist: Dibakar Das

Dibakar Das (Mumbai, India) – Born in Howrah, he completed his education in art with a Masters of Fine Arts from BVU, Pune. He worked as a visiting lecturer at Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Dibakar is working as an Art Director in the film industry. He participated in several exhibitions and residencies in Andorra, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, the UK, and India.

1) Dibakar Das & Montosh Lall  2) 6x10 ft drawing paper by Dibakar Das
3) Dibakar and Roul Hemanta   4) R B Holle & Dibakar Das at Nippon Gallery- 
Duration of the exhibition: 12.08.-20.08.2022
Exhibition Opening: 12.08.2022, 5 p.m.–9 p.m.
Nippon Gallery
30/32, second floor, Deval Chambers,Fort , Mumbai
Sale Enquiry-WhatsApp 9820510599 – Nippon Contemporary-E-commerce Gallery
Nippon Gallery
Lines by
– solo show –
Preview Date:
12 / 08 / 2022
Time: 5.30 pm to 8.30pm ( Open to all RSVP )
Gallery Opne Date:
13 to 18 / 08/ 2022
Time – 3 to 8pm (Appointment only)
Sale & More details: Tel: 022 66333997. M: 9820510599
R.S.V.P “Please respond.” M:9820510599, E:
@thinkwave @dibakar_83

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