Friday, 22 October 2021

Bhavna Kakar presents: Phantasmagoria


Bhavna Kakar presents:


Exhibition Dates: 27th Oct'21 - 15th Nov'21
Preview: 27th Oct'21, 4:00 P.M - 8:00 P.M

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition Phantasmagoria, featuring works by:

Dileep Sharma
Farhad Husain
George Martin
Pratul Dash.

Phantasmagoria grapples with the construction and deconstruction of thought/ memories conditioned by contemporary culture. It brings together artists who problematize the concept of realism as well as reality, especially in an age which is a frenzy of simulations. Taking from pop culture while blurring the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, these artists form bricolages of mental landscapes. ‘Parody’ and ‘Pastiche’ are blended to form a post post-modern critique of the capitalist aesthetic and consumerism. The painterly surface becomes the door to the phantasmatic terrains mapped through the process of giving dimensions to intangible ideas.

Dileep Sharma’s oeuvre spells out contemporary in a hard hitting manner, with a splash of velocity propelled by neo pop colours. His juxtapositioning of motifs is a direct reflection of what is projected by the media, popular culture and fashion, thus rendering his imagery with a stark sense of humour, seduction & fantasy. The conundrums brought forth in this era are best swallowed down with a pinch of salt and a fistful of sugar, which is exactly the recipe of his works.

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