Wednesday 25 November 2020

“Celebrating Life” Indian Culture Paintings - Cyrus Bharucha, Art Consultant -Mumbai

Celebrating Life


Indian art is not monolithic, nor is there one kind of Indian-ness, in today’s global village, Indians are exposed to cross-cultural ideas and the work they produce is influenced by many sources. To be Indian, there’s no demarcatable identity. Your Indian-ness comes from the genius of possessing a membrane that absorbs and selectively absorbs from many cultures and indigenises it in the process. If you’re able to do that authentically and create an original voice, that means you’re able to extend your vision of the world, then you’re Indian. Having established an identity, many of the artists, are creating works that appear Indian in terms of figures, forms and colours, and they are tending more toward culture while their works very well may still address Indian themes. Considering these basic experiences the group exhibition Celebrating Life is structured such that each work carries its own flavor.

In the paintings of Laxmi Mysore, and Syed Asif Ali colourful forms play hide and seek with the pictorial surface to release their untamed creative energies. Krishna Ashok layers the surface with spontaneous mark makings interplaying elegant elementary of water & fire the active shapes of a representational nature traverse space that is turned into a fluid and floating surface.

Kandi Narsimlu wants the viewer to experience his work with composition, theme, and other elements of traditional work. The medium and materials of the work is its reality, and what he prefers to portray. The basis being on a work’s literal presence, the materials used are not intended to symbolize anything else. Sanju Jain translates mystical energies into the formal purity of colours creating pleasing forms a distinct flavor in this reiterating the dictum that all things are in flux: they resonate with the cadences of a universe that continually brings its precipitates to birth, only to subject them to decay, dissolving them in history's acid current.

Mythologies & sacred narratives are a way of life in India, where existence is often reassured by faith and belief this is observed in Pramod Apet’s Radha Playing the Flute and Mamata Shingade’s Buddha Sachin Akalekar places motif of Bull in a dreamy space teasing the naïve viewer. Satyajeet Shinde precepts the game of chess comparable with the ancient cultures. The co relation of Kings---chess game---realism with abstraction is seen like the yin-yan..

by Cyrus Bharucha Art Consultant- Dadar Mumbai

“Celebrating Life”

Indian Culture Paintings

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l Kandi Narsimlu l Satyajeet Shinde l Syed Asif Ali l

l Laxmi Mysore l Sanju Jain l

l Krishna Ashok l Sachin Akalekar l Pramod Apet l Mamata Shingade l

Date: 10th to 25th November -2020

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