Wednesday 18 December 2019

01: Note from Studio Shantiniketan, Bolpur. / Artist : Ghanashyam Latua

Mainly my art practice is based on physical environment and its conflict with the artificial environment. The physical environment consists with the living and non-living components. Unfortunately, the natural environment has been under tremendous threat due to never ending human greed. The lands are mindlessly being excoriated by us through agonizing mechanical process. The poignant saga regarding the issues of land acquisition, environmental and migrant crisis and modern age slavery comes into my mind as myself being a locale from a suburban area.
Artist : Ghanashyam Latua

I am currently working with a long and time consuming method of creating layers like formation of a land for many years. It continues then by pecking and skinning the paper with a sharp tool, which defines the violence towards it due to human interference to acquire resources for industrial and ‘developmental’ purposes.

The skin of the paper is the metaphor of the land to me and the method of pecking represents the human rapacity in form of the encroaching land. Before pecking, I use to do some treatment on the paper. It might be an application of water colour tint, soft pastel, charcoal, pen strokes or might be left the paper un-treated as it is. 

I have been constantly encountering the changing features of these landscapes from my childhood at my ancestral village near Kharagpur, Jhargram and during my student life at Shantiniketan, Bolpur. I have explored the spiritual affinity and relationship between the man and nature through my works. It questions the burning social issues like encroaching and land grabbing, which changes the whole ecology of a landscape and the people depending upon it. The endless human greed has lead towards a socio-political disharmony due to misinterpretations of modernism.

In that sense my works are empathic reaction towards these issues as we are constantly being enslaved by our own greed and ecstasy of power in a capitalist society. By getting divorced from the nature day by day, we have murdered our own divine and spiritual self.



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