Friday 27 December 2019

03 : Note from Studio Shantiniketan, Bolpur./ Artist : Kalpana Vishwas

Basic concept of my art practice is based on “Transforming Nature’’ where I give much importance to ‘Time’ and ‘Space’. Recently while working on leaf I have formed a cut out shape which gave a different view of an image and different concept to think on. The cutting method visualizes the concept of nature’s linearity which is transformed with an industrial’s sharp straight line after the use of an industrial tool. My basic idea through the leaf’s cut out method is to show that in the same space we can show two different time period. In present days the natural scenario of society is changing devastatingly by means of ramification, urbanization and industrialization. The impact of these changes on nature and livelihood of human civilization are transforming society into a forest of concrete. 

I emphasize on maps, cartography and natural elements in my art practice. Because it’s related to everyone and everything, Map reflects political, social, economical, religious and historical events. The value and function of maps are inspirable to daily life for human and animals. In my work the idea of mapping came from my surrounding.  I want to show through my works how every day the landscape is being destructed by us. Which is not happening just because of its own but due to human interpretation there are lots of changes and also the political issues have a profound impact on the geographical map.


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