Saturday 9 November 2019

HUMAN -Daily living conditions - Events / Struggles of human beings / human's encroachment on nature...

George Orwell, the eminent author, said that true politics lies in the statement which differentiates between art and politics'. However, the development of art is a political and social situation embedded in a particular time. Man has assumed that he is different and superior and that his brain is more powerful than other animals. Also, industrial revolution and modernity have apparently brought humankind to the center of the creation.

In the last few decades, the process of globalization has only added to this. The immense advancement in information technology has led to the fragmentation of human persona. The uproar in the community has increased; competitive jealousy has led to increments in violence. Gradually, the man has become more self-centred.

Today's man competes, fights, quarrels, and even ends up on occasion in a race for the maximum benefit of himself. In these trying times, the culture of the civilization stands the risk of annihilation and the human being is turning into a mere animal. 

Considering different aspects of this animal, the inhuman culture of today's modern-day man and the nurturing spirit of him are on the rise. All of this is affecting the life of the human, and it is certain that the result will be the loss of a human being. Many forms of violence stand before us in view of the events that take place in our society.  As a society we are becoming more and more violent.
Artist : Vikrant Bhise 

My pictures is my response to this increasing violence. Daily living conditions - Events / Struggles of human beings / human's  encroachment on nature / Untouchability and various forms of untouchability  in the ongoing society - racism / sexual harassment on women  /  questions of LGBTQ  / farmers suicides/ questions of marginal communities and  migrants, poverty all these various issues in our society and the human who is at the centre of it constantly upsets me. The rapidly changing society and the changing forms of violence make me uncomfortable. It disturbs the artists inside me. A painter always speaks about his times through his paintings. Through this series I have attempted to discover forms of violence and evolution of today’s Human.  the image of today’s Human and his evolution.

Vikrant Bhise
Solo show 
12-18th Jehangir Art Gallery

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