Sunday 1 September 2019

More fetched towards abstract painting like V S Gaitone, Pual Klee and Nasreen Mohamedi - Heena Waghmare

Heena was born in 1990 Pune, Maharashtra, she has completed her study in BFA Fine Art from Bharati Vidhayapheeth and MFA from SNDT Mumbai university, she is known as Rebel abstract painter 
Artist : Heena Waghmare 

Heena began her career by she being inspired from her family, her family members are signboard painter and most of them work for film set design, she enjoys old calendar design and kept learning from people near her, she knew one painter during her childhood ..M F Hussain.

She belongs to Muslim  family most of time her family stopped her painting. Since childhood MF Hussian has always been her inspiration to go after her dreams. Before Art school she painted ganpati and Mother Merry God at the same time. After a while she got more interested to work in the field of Art and she loved reading books of J Krashanamurti, while reading books she was more fetched towards abstract painting like V S Gaitone, Pual Klee and Nasreen Mohamedi.
Rare Painting by Heena Waghmare

Heena says while working, conscious as well as sub conscious mind both are at work. With all this thinking it is like one is searching own self. From the time she started understanding pictures and paintings, rather than depicting them as they are, she put them on canvas the way she saw it. The way they are to her, the way she understands them. “Paint things that I visualize’’ is her way of art.  

Rare Painting by Heena Waghmare

Henna’s paintings are not just paintings, they are a bridge. Bridge that connects two worlds, one that she carries inside her and that is her conscience in which she always loves to discover a new color and paint with it and the other is her outer world. Bad or good emotions, right or wrong morals and feelings, they all build this bridge up. It goes without saying that when a bridge is built with such strong rudiments, the travel from one world to the other is smoother.

Abstract painting she show lots layers of colour overlapping, mostly she use pastel shades like gay and skin colour with light blue shade

This discovery of her own self is yet not over for her. She still wants to discover herself and get this feelings travel to the outer world to see through the bridge – Heena’s paintings!

- On behalf of Pankaja JK

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