Monday 24 June 2019

My body my life partner Isn't your body your life partner? Priya Dube Solo show at Nippon Gallery Fort Mumbai -1

PRIYA DUBE ( 26 ) was born in Sumesherpur, Uttar Pradesh. And she has been raised in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Priya stays with her family in Mumbai. The artist began her professional career as a trained Interior Designer from Rachna Sansad Mumbai and has gradually veered towards visual art since the past four years. Her work comprises Multi-disciplinary art and as she mentions “I have learnt everything from my surroundings. Being self-taught, I have become an individual expressionist based on my keen observation towards the situations, people, emotions and my experiences”.

One of the abiding influences has been her North Indian family background which has been a unique amalgam of traditionalism and modernity! Growing up in such a milieu her body’s development from childhood to adulthood was a defining moment both in terms of her family’s outlook towards her and her exploration of her own body. She also mentions that it’s not about being feminist, it is about deeply connecting with one’s own self both physically and emotionally whether one is male or female. And then it is also about being in sync with accepting and fulfilling the body’s emotional and physical desires.

Self portrait

To be one
To be the one
I have crossed the bridges
Of thousand love stories
Now I incline
My body
My soul
To a new journey
Discover the new me
Nourish the new me
Embrace the new me

The body is the layer of lust and love
We crave for the lust to be loved
But not love the lust
They look at me
As if the story is common
I look at them that the story is uncommon
Having said that
You still kiss me under the moonlight
Thinking today I will moan
Saying your name

I crave for you
As you crave for me
We make love in the minds
Fight between those words

Staying close to you gives me immense peace
Staying close to sea gives me the similar feeling
I ask myself do I love myself more than you
( smiles )
My body responds yes you do
I do I do I do
And we decide to be one

My body my life partner
Isn't your body your life partner?

Recen work at Nippon Gallery Fort Mumbai -1
Since the past one and half years I have spent a lot of tome delving deep into my body.  And I have transcended the societal boundaries I had imposed on myself all through my growing up years!  And I feel like a conqueror now!
The concept of this show began with photographs I clicked of my nude self to better connect with the forms of my body. As I started sensing every body part I developed a connection between them and my surrounding situations. I also clicked other pictures that gave me new stories which have been depicted in the pieces on display!
I choose mix media as my expression because I can narrate them in drawings, photography, film and audio. I believe in mix media because every expression touches a different sense of the body and this helps in giving a better connection to the story.

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