Sunday 11 March 2018


Manu Parekh is known for use of animals, which correspond to times of violence,
where animal head approaches a plant, that may be devoured or he
superimposes these heads onto portraits that resemble humans with great affinity
and despise. In his early watercolours, simple lines symbolise abstracted faces
and these flower studies are similar to portrait studies, often resembling humans.
Parekh is credited with several group exhibitions and solo shows in India and
abroad including his exhibitions at the NGMA New Delhi, Smithsonian Institution,
Washington DC, Bose Pacia Modern in New York, ARKS Gallery in London
among others.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr Adwaita Gadanayak, DG, NGMA and would
like to congratulate the artist Mr Manu Parekh and Ms Tarana Khubchandani of
Art and Soul for presenting this exhibition at the NGMA, Mumbai. I also take this
opportunity to thank Mr Suhas Bahulkar, Chairman and Ms Brinda Miller, Dr.
Manisha Patil, Shri Bharat Tripathi, Shri Bhagwan Rampure, Shri Hemant Medhi,
Shri Sandesh Bhandare, Shri Vikas Shinde, the members of the Advisory
Committee of NGMA, Mumbai for their guidance and support for all that we do at
the NGMA, Mumbai. Our thanks are due to the Ministry of Culture, Government
of India for their continued support. I would also like to thank all my colleagues at
the NGMA, Mumbai particularly, Mr M. Shankar, Keeper, Mr G. J. D’Souza,
Assistant Director (Administration & Finance), Ms Shruti Das, Dy. Curator and all
other staff for their extraordinary support in making this exhibition possible.

Shivaprasad Khened

Director – NGMA, Mumbai

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