Saturday 20 May 2017


By Dr. Shiv Kumar Ojha original version in Hindi. 

Translation by: Pankaja JK. 

The book is my first complete book translation assignment and whole process was a knowledgeable journey. The book has many features other than being a language book. It highlights Indian culture and how everything in the Universe is meticulously studied by our ancient gurus and assembled in various books. Be it cosmological, astronomical, linguistics, medicinal or spiritual knowledge, we have information on every aspect studied careful and preserved through generation, till date.

Speaking about language is not only interesting but studying it in depth, applying it in regular use and admiring its beauty is a fabulous experience.

Sanskrit is the base of all Indian languages, also known as Devanagari languages. This book highlights on the scientific nature of Sanskrit-Hindi language. Unlike English where consonants and vowels are place together and in haphazard manner. Indian languages have a proper sequence, arrangement of consonants and vowels as separate entities and therefore understand these languages and remembering them are easier than any other widely used foreign language. There is proper way of pronunciation and writing. All these aspects are introduced and explained in this book. 

Interestingly, the author Dr. Ojha himself communicated in English throughout his professional period, as he is the Ex- IIT professor IN Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mumbai. He has also travelled worldwide. But still he is rooted in our culture and embraces Indian culture and language. Therefore we see that every at the age of more 83 years, he studies Indian culture and language. He is also the author of 11 more books based on Indian culture. I am proud he trusted me to translate this very important book for him. Even though there were times when we disagreed on some points of words to be used or expressions, and discussed it for days together, ultimately agreement was possible and this book was published with his sole permission and approval. 

Those people who are interested in Indian culture, Indian language calligraphy and Fine Arts should once go through this book to have an idea of vastness and beauty of Indian language. The book is available on demand and it is worth to keep it in valuable treasure of your books at home or in office. It will not only benefit you as an individual but also help impart rich Indian culture knowledge to your friends and family. In this modern and advanced world where Western culture is highly over-shadowing India’s rich culture and heritage, this is one opportunity for us to preserve it as our personal social responsibility.

by Pankaja JK. 

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