Tuesday 16 August 2016


Everything becomes so clear and understandable when one empathises with the society around. Ashok Hinge displays this nature and has been incessantly working on observing and portraying common man, and his mundane activities and pursuits. His empathy seems to reach the meridian with his latest development of the same concept in a very unique manner. In this series, there is an incredible use of one impressive protagonist - ‘Comma’, the punctuation mark, to represent life in general. Ashok names this series ‘Commascapes’, as these graphic representations have extensive viewpoint of activities in the form of Comma.
Artist : Ashok Hinge

Comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause between two lines, sentences or even words. This function is applied by Hinge in real-life representation, to indicate that motility of life also pauses when routine is interrupted by the unusual, special or unique activities. In Commascapes, Ashok Hinge metamorphose in Comma and moves in the society in this disguise, observes and develops activities in the same form (Comma).
Artist : Ashok Hinge Recent Artworks

The graphics display voluntary and involuntary involvement of every layman in one or the other activity that one engages in, to enhance life. Generally comma is used as a connector and a divider in a sentence. Thus, Hinge uses it as a divider and a connector.  The division is shown in the strata of the society, character variations, religions, life-style, professions, emotions etc. Connection between these divisions by virtue, form a society as whole is also clearly indicated in the graphics. So, Comma becomes a supreme symbol of fact of life and facets that are important for complete human existence. Hinge has used it creatively to show the connectivity, clarity, passing of phases and modality.

by Pankaja JK/ Art Blogazine/ Mumbai

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