Wednesday 18 May 2016

Cityscapes by artist Qadirunnisa

Series of paintings by Ms. Qadirunnisa titled ‘Mindscape’, has cityscapes. Her sensitive nature reads city as a ‘personality with certain characteristics’. She is inspired to paint only on the theme of city. City theme arouses her artistic impulse. Her dedication to this theme can be versed as:
O City! Your belying appearance cripes me, for I find in you subtle goodness hidden. I owe you so much that I vow to reveal this nature of yours in my creations…

Though the series is called cityscapes, it illustrates and highlights on the environment and nature of city in abstract form with the use of different colours. Geometric forms are used as supporting gestures. The forms clearly indicate artist’s love for architecture. Architectural theme excite her to paint. According to her there is ignored but inescapable nature hidden in the hustle bustle of city and precisely this is captured in the paintings. 

Recent work by Artist Qadirunnisa 

The paintings are composed in shades of blue, dapples of red in geometric forms, white and green maculation. Cities are man-made, developed to make it adaptable for human survival. But it is amazing how these are developed on different terrains. Being an enthusiastic traveller, she has toured many countries of Asia and the locations have affected her work. Generally natural beauty, in animate and inanimate forms are never highlighted in cityscapes as done in landscapes, but only the infrastructure is painted in it.  Ms. Qadirunnisa least bothers to paint such images, instead she regards and presents the brighter side of the city’s nature.

Recent work by Artist Qadirunnisa 

Her paintings are very simple to understand due to the colour compositions based on her interpretations.  In this series, there is a prominent use of colour blue and its shades. It represent nature’s elements like water and sky, the darker shade is the tangible aspects of city whereas light blue shade displays intangible aspects. Between this free flowing pixels pattern of blue, there are forms in red colour. Red is stimulating colour and represent excitement and energy, it symbolises warmth; the affectionate nature of city. Green patches are feeling of safety and prosperity. White circles are the open space and tranquillity that can be seeked in the bustling spaces.   Overall, these artworks perfectly represent aplomb nature of cities. Black and white paintings are just like the images of cities that resurge in mind of Ms. Qadirunnisa. Observing these images with complete focus and concentration produce a visual illusion of city in motion.

For artist Qadirunnisa city is not different from open lands with scenic beauty. It comprises all the elements of nature which are hidden in the artificial makeover of the place. Thus, Qadirunnisa’s paintings are brilliant presentations of something omnipresent present, but apparently ignored.

By Pankaja JK (Art

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