Monday 1 June 2015

'Ram Kumar - Drawings from the 60's' at Gallery 7 Multiple Happenings in a Meditative Space

The legendary artist Ram Kumar needs no introduction. An equally legendary conceptual solo show of Ram Kumar's drawings from the 60s will be displayed at Gallery 7, Kala Ghoda's favourite art space starting from 8th June, 2015 onwards. Done in pen and ink on paper, these paintings have a mesmerising presence with a substance which touches our heart and mind the moment we fix our gaze at them. The lines have an immediacy of their own and they start taking us to a journey and alert us with each drawing enabling us to be experience a visual delight.
'Ram Kumar - Drawings from the 1960

The drawings belong to the celebrated Varanasi Phase of Ram Kumar's career which transformed his figurative period into a non representational one. His paintings move towards abstract landscape forms and images. Yet, these drawings of the same early sixties period have a different tale to tell.Some of the drawings shows the traces of architectural constructs and some images, shapes and figures immerge in certain drawings, some contain a geometrical familiarity but even this has a germinal essence of their own.

Ramkumar says that, "An artist shows the entry point to his creative world and the rest depends on the onlooker, what he sees, feels and interprets. He has to make an effort to find for himself what he is seeking and what the artist wants him to see."Ramkumar has in fact created here a meditative space by the use of lines, where one can also build and re build ones own space to ponder over ones feelings.  For Ramkumar, if the Varanasi phase or that period has been a turning point in his paintings, it has been no less an inspirational period, for his drawings, which came on their own magnificently: giving him an 'expressive way' to grasp and say certain things, which could not be transmitted by his paintings.
Gallery 7, Kala Ghoda Mumbai- (Courtesy: Mid-day)
These drawings independently and intently, have unique flavour, and flair within the oeuvre of Ramkumar.  To be with them is to be with serene, calm and sublime feelings, and is to enter space, where multiple movements, gatherings and sensations are awaiting us! 

Title: 'Ram Kumar - Drawings from the 60's' at Gallery 7

Date:  8th June 2015 onwards

Where: Gallery 7
G 3, Ground Floor, Oricon House,
12/14 Rampart Row, K. Dubhash Road,
Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Days: Monday to Saturday , Sunday closed. 

Timings: 10:30 am till 7:00 pm

Contact: +91 22 22183996; +91 22 22189520

Please contact Raena on 9920857444 for all media queries.  

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