Sunday 10 May 2015

Uniquely commons of Ashok Hinge - Series of daily life - By Pankaja JK

Creativity has no boundaries. Inspiration can trigger from anything and everywhere. Only an artistic impulse is necessary. Artist Ashok Hinge proves this through his paintings. 
Artist: Ashok Hinge
His subject ‘Series of Actions of daily life’ creatively honours the mundane activities or routine life. Hailing from small town, Ashok has seen and experienced the difference of lifestyles. His depiction of life in metropolitan cities, is his concern for the society in which he has settled. He has been living in Mumbai since a few years. Being the part of it, he is also involuntarily motivated to juggle according to its pace. He captures lighter moments that are obliterated in the maze of hustling bustling city. As we see them in visual form of painting, somewhere it strikes us and we find ourselves in at least of them. The paintings refresh our memories and develops desire to involve in such simple acts that are necessary to rejuvenate ourselves. Unlike most artist who touch upon deep meditative thoughts, contemplations and something unpredictable, Ashok mesmerises viewers with his black figures against white background of canvas depicting relationships, sports, singing, dancing, meditation, relaxing figures, struggling and fidgeting people in train, coffee sippers, people in the office, festivals and family time etc. His paintings are the visual documentation of daily life. 
Recent works at  Dinodia 1x1 Art Gallery

He admits that this theme and style is a development as a painter. Earlier he painted figures with some stylised forms. He also painted semi abstract
landscapes for a few years.His passion for Black ink and strokes is the result of his earlier practice of calligraphy in black ink. He is also an admirer of the works of Robert Motherwell that have mesmerizing strokes. Minimalism of Mark Rothko is practiced by him and that makes his creations simple and attractive. As he consistently concentrated on this style since a few years, the strokes are now more enhanced to suavity and thus he is able to depict the true essence of the theme and make commonality unique. Not only his recent style follows minimalism, but even his installations, like his most admired ‘Guru - Shishya’ installation also has the same pattern. He intends to continue this style. 
Recent works at  Dinodia 1x1 Art Gallery

Ashok’s interest in this subject proves his spirit of inquisitiveness and desire to know every possible thing. Leonardo da Vinci most adored artist had a similar habit, he noted every activity that grabbed his attention on the notepad or book he always carried with him. Right from human biology to botany, aroused curiosity in him. His scribbled sketches number in thousands. Ashok Hinge too does carry papers with him to scribble the subject that strikes him. The inquisitive nature and knowledge and awareness is closer to that of the great artist. Common is made precious. 

This series has paintings that are just lines/ strokes of brush at one- go, forming the desired figure. Actions and gestures are presented in abstract forms. He keeps it minimal without any complications. It becomes more impressive with the use of colour Black. All the paintings in this series are black images as that is his most preferred colour. For him black represents beauty and strength and certainly gels with anything creating its own impression. Moreover, Black colour leaves long lasting impression on viewer’s mind. Thus, simplicity is the beauty of this series.

by Pankaja JK
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Details of Exhibition,

Dinodia 1x1 Art Gallery
18th May to 19th June 2015
11am to 6pm - Daily

(Sunday Closed)

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