Monday 12 January 2015

Kashmir Art Quest opened the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir - GALLERIE ONE, today at Srinagar.

Syed Mujtaba Rizvi 
The creative and cultural infrastructure in Kashmir has been seriously lacking. The platforms and opportunities for creative expression had become non-existent here due to decades of conflict, ignorance by successive governments and absence of any organisations working in the field of arts. There have been no avenues for the artists to showcase their work. There is no exchange of creative dialogue with the international world. Art education is seriously lacking. Hardly any research takes place in the field of visual arts in Kashmir. In spite of a rich history of arts and crafts, unfortunately due to the conflict our creative sector is now in a crippled shape.
New Art Gallery :  Gallerie One :  Jammu & Kashmir.

To address these issues Kashmir Art Quest has been working towards the advancements of arts, artists and art education in Kashmir since its foundation in August 2009. It is one of our foremost goals to create a situation in Kashmir where an international art-scene might exist – therefore channelize creative energy towards Kashmir. We celebrate a culture of innovation & creativity, and strive to foster creative and cultural entrepreneurship in the region. Over the years through various projects we have been able to revive the art scene in Kashmir, bring it to the public domain, and take it to the international stage.

We are still the only independent contemporary arts organisation working actively in Kashmir. However, today we launched the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in J&K after over 5 years of hard work and planning.– a historical landmark, and a much needed space especially in a place like Kashmir.

The centre was thrown open in the presence of Director Tourism Kashmir for artists and art lovers.
Gallerie One constitutes of five inter-disciplinary wings, unified in a single-access space spread over 7500 sq.ft.

1) Art Gallery
2) Archiving & Cataloging Centre.
3) Digital Media Lab.
4) Research Centre
5) Library and Leisure Space.

We recognize the need and urgency for the centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir which will cater to national and international tourists, local residents, businesses and corporates, institutions, artists and art lovers around the world. We are creating a new, distinct and a world class offering for the people of Kashmir, and national and international audiences alike - also a much needed space in any tourist destination. We will take Kashmiri artists to international Fairs, Biennials, Conferences, Seminars, Events, and Exhibitions, and welcome the art fraternities around the world with open arms. At the same time the centre will bring in fresh perspectives on promotion of Brand Kashmir and cater much of their advertising, marketing and design needs. We will develop strategies with assistance from world leading experts and produce measurable recommendations based on proven science of consumer psychology, brand management, and psychology of advertising and marketing. The centre will link up with institutions around the world to boost the arts, creative and cultural entrepreneurship, tourism, and promotion of brand Kashmir around the world. The Gallery will have curated shows throughout the year.
File Photo all copy right by Gallerie One

The project was conceived, formulated and implemented by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi who is also the Founder and Managing Director of Kashmir Art Quest. Mujtaba Rizvi heads Gallerie One as its Chief Executive Officer. 

Fasal Dar is the Chief Operating Officer at Gallerie One who ensures the right implementation of the project. This project has been possible after years of hard work, and now by the support received from J&K Department of Tourism, who own the space. They prepared the space -  at 1st Floor, Tourist Reception Centre, Srinagar - for this path-breaking initiative (J&K Department of Tourism retains the ownership of the space).

The gallery opened with the inaugral show, 'Contemporary Practices and new Media," curated by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi,  showcasing works by 36  leading and emerging artists. The exhibition explores the bold and challenging practice by Kashmiri artists today. It showcases the shift from traditional practices, and how this practices manifests in contemporary culture. The current show ends on 31 March 2015, and will be accompanied by artist talks, workshops, and seminars.


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Syed Mujtaba Rizvi
Founder, CEO, Gallerie One.
Founder, MD, Kashmir Art Quest.

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1st Floor, Tourist Reception Centre,
TRC Road,
Srinagar - 190001
Jammu & Kashmir.

+91 - 9596 355 455

('Gallerie One' and 'Centre for Contemporary Arts and Research' are under the auspices of Kashmir Art Quest)

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