Monday 3 November 2014

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai, Ministry of Culture, Government of India

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India
Sir C. J. Public Hall
Mumbai- 400 032

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is presenting an exhibition entitled ‘Music and Goddess’. The exhibition is directed by Ranjit Makkuni founder of Sacred World which explores to build bridges between techno and traditional cultures.
Ranjit Makkuni is an international multimedia researcher, artist and designer.  A graduate in architecture from the reputed IIT Kharagpur, Ranjit Makkuni perceived his masters in Design Theory and Methods from University of California. With involvements in many prestigious institutions Ranjit Makkuni is also member of the mentoring group of Nehru Memorial Museum, New Delhi, constituted by the Prime Minister of India.

‘Music and Goddess’-The Exhibition at NGMA (M)
The genesis of art dates back to the early age of humanity. Here we see Makkuni bringing in the rich panorama of artistic forms and designs- from ancient to modern. Going beyond the boundaries of physical landscapes, he brings in multidisciplinary art forms and designs with cords of music and spreads a labyrinth beyond imagination. With this one of its kind exhibition Makkuni communicates a vision for the re-discovery of solitude. Art and Music was never so beautifully brought together.

This exhibition presents advances in interactive art through an exploration of the science, art and spirituality of Music, and its reflections in the Goddess images across Asian cultures. Ranjit Makkuni makes the exhibition a spiritually musical and gracefully interactive. It simply makes a lay person spellbound. It is an audio visual treat for the art and music lovers. The exhibits not only play music but allow viewers to interact with the instrument that plays it and the creative installation that bares it. Majority of the instruments show a connection with the Goddess Sarasvati and hence create a mesmerising spiritual ambiance. The journey to the musical world spreads over the holy pagodas and Bodhisattva paintings. The mystic aura of rhythm leaves the listener engulfed in streams of South East Asian Buddhist monasteries. The exhibition brings sound of music from each and every member of the Mother Nature like birds, bees, water, woods, human body and air.
Through a collection of interactive exhibits employing new musical synthesis based on traditional grammar, interactive multimedia installations and recordings of performances by masters, the project will allow viewers to enter the world of sound and its cultural and spiritual aesthetics.
The display of the exhibition presents both traditional and new instruments based on Indian Sitar, Burmese Saun Harp, Thai Xylophone, Korean Kayagum, Chinese Guzheng and Pipa, Vietnamese Dan Tranh, Javanese & Balinese Gamelan, chanting and many more. New instruments with embedded computation demonstrate interactions through gesture, touch, pull, movement, gaze and kinaesthetic action. In addition, through responsive computing, people by their position, gesture and movements control musical events in exhibition environment.

At National Gallery of Modern Art (M) we have an interesting exhibition inaugurated 28th of this month. And here are the attached details for the same (Press release and images).

Do visit the Gallery as it has much more to touch, see and listen. 
Gallery open from 11 am- 6 pm except Mondays and National Holidays

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