Monday 4 August 2014

Since 3 year we all Pune artists Ankita, Rupesh, Pradyumna, Swapnil are coming together.

Since 3 year we all artists Ankita, Rupesh, Pradyumna, Swapnil are coming together. We started questioning our paintings. We started thinking what is painting? Are we present in our painting? If yes then for how long? or Do we just waste time on thinking? We went on thinking on these questions ,doubts but at some point we couldn’t handle those doubts and questions we all were confused that how to find ourselves.


One day we met for a tea at small Dhaba and impressed by natures beauty decided to take a camp in presence of natures purity; so we arranged3 days camp at a farmhouse in Khed(june 2012).our intention behind attending camp was to find ourselves.

Then we came to know, there is no perfect time to Draw or to paint. It starts when we draw or paint. We painted in dark, no light at all, Without looking at canvas we painted it , we painted it without knowing the results, and the results turned out to be really happening. We observed what is happening in painting while it is in progress. We learnt not to waste time in thinking before painting .we should just start, we can think on it after it is complete or still in progress. Most important thing was to observe journey of our painting. It is important to know when the painting is complete, to know where to stop with him. We learnt what all can happen over a space, with range of possibilities in it. We also did installation using manmade and natural things. We also, purposely destroyed our installation to take it into a depth.
Painting by Pradyyumna Jivane

From here we started our journey to ourselves. Each one of us started thinking and observing our works .Each week we met to discuss over our paintings. We indivisually spoke about our works one by one, what exactly is happening in it, what we want to show etc. Because of this we learnt to speak on paintings .now we could answer questions made by people .We did a small display at studio 5 at FTII(30-31 october 2012) to take guidance from Prabhakar Kolte sir. They gave time to each one of us and guided us brought our works.

During the journey towards ourselves we started study of different monuments of art, we studied art history.we studied how art changed from renaissance to 21st century art. On basis of this study we did another camp in Donje place near Pune (December 2012), where we tried to paint in various style like impressionism, fauvism, cubism ,Dadaism, abstract expressionism etc. we all studied characteristics of each style and tried to paint in their style. Main intention was to know what was motive behind paintings, their thought. We wanted to reach people, we wanted to share our experiences, we were keen to know what people think about painting, so we made an attempt to put up an exhibition at SNDT Hall(March 2013). We invited people from every field for the show to know their view towards painting.
Painting by Ankita Aswale

We continued doing all our activities, works and meetings now we are again exhibiting our paintings. Out intentions is that our painting reaches to everyone; that art is not limited to artist or art lovers it is for everyone.

Ankita Aswale
My painting for me is journey towards myself. I and my sensitivity walk hand in hand to reach towards me and my painting. My painting are essence of my life and I am only a medium.

Rupesh Dalvi
With help of lines, colours, space, texture and shapes I try to convey my feelings in my painting. Instead of drawing a line I paint it. Instead of using same kind of textures, i am always in search of new textures. Same way I always make n attempt to use unknown, unseen color in my painting. Spontaneity is another very important aspect for me. For me what I spontaneously create, becomes portrayal of my thoughts on canvas.

Pradyyumna Jivane
Painting for me is one kind of volume which is made by elements like brush, colour and canvas which emits some kind of vibrations. I am one of the element present in this whole process and, it leads me to myself and my nature. In this process forms and shapes that start appearing are directly related to me. Whether these form resemble nature or not, but it either becomes definition of me and my painting or thought of a painting. When I am with myself I try to find myself, ask questions to myself and myself answer them… in this journey I perceived a thought, and this sensitivity and sensibility of thought are me and my painting. Rest are colours, lines, shapes are part of nature, which I graspe form nature inside me and portray myself and my nature on canvas.

Swapnil Kshirsagar
According to my study and observation just creating texture in a painting cannot be called as abstract. Abstract for me is where I try to express a thought, and to what extent I can accurately depict it. And this expression is provoked through colors, lines, shape, and texture. Abstract is never accidental, but an attempt to experiment in a space that leads you to yourself and become your own painting, gradually you do not need any specific line or a specific color it just takes you to your painting.

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