Wednesday 11 June 2014

Nature is a source of subject and image; it’s a refuge from the artificial constructs of civilization

‘Green Palette’ is a revival of freshness of Romanticism. As its name suggests, it is about taking the world back into nature holding on the social reality as well. The artists involved in this exhibition have creations depicting man’s mystic relationship with nature. There is also a revolutionary energy flowing in Green Palette which deliberately transforms our perception of the world. Like, artist Ashok Hinge, who uses natural and man-made elements in nature to simplify the concept of completeness of world around us. Nature is a source of subject and image; it’s a refuge from the artificial constructs of civilization. Green Palette aims at retrieving clean and green environment world wide. Every artists participating in this exhibition contributes in one form or the other in increasing Environmental awareness and spreading greener
Recent work by Nitin Vinchure

Imagination is the core of Green Palette artists. Each creation is shaped by imagination. It is vibrantly active power with vision of reality. It’s like an ‘intellectual intuition’ uniting reasoning and feeling, leading to synthesis of different and opposite worlds of unseen power of nature and its physical appearance. Nitin Vinchure displays classic interpretation of all creations in this Universe with his imagination. He logical explains his imagination cum interpretation saying that, before any creation, there was only the Mahashunya or Nix. But Shakti or Sheerenrgy existed. Later on arose a desire to create, materialize and multiply; which in turn was made possible by Shakti or Shreenergy and it manifested in innumerable forms. The positive energy of this Shakti negates negative energy and facilitates expression of desire, passion, beauty, warmth, courage, spontaneity and the power to transform. Color is one of the forms of this Sheerenergy. Therefore his paintings in various hues/ colors express a flow and spontaneity of all creations.  He prefers to go abstract and symbolize the forms in universe. For him abstraction of form has wider scope of expressing the inexpressible, there is a depth of insight. With Shakti as a significant theme, he creates abstract paintings. If  we observe  crisscross strokes meticulously in his paintings, we realize that these crisscross strokes are nothing but random flow of Sheerenergy enabling the vital principle or animating force within living things have momentum. Very often he uses water colors to paint his abstractions.

Symbolism also has a lot of importance for these artists. Through it they enable us to read nature as a system of symbols. They try to unravel the meaning of gleans and reveal the positive impact on our lives. Truly, Symbols are the human artistic correlatives of nature's symbolic language; a visible symbol adequately represents an abstract idea.  Artist
Vijai Jain creations are perfect examples of symbolic creations. For him Solar System, Earth, Soil, Water, Birds, trees and his alkies’- the human beings, all the gleans are symbols surrounding us. Life proceeds enjoying the process of decoding the meaning these gleans. And being one of these he believes that he surely has some role in this vastly scattered world. Spontaneous creation is one of the characteristic of nature that attracts man’s thoughtful attention.  He tells us that his world is confined in symbols of nature which are water, paper, canvas and colors. Flowing in the course of water these colors get a form and infiltrate on paper, thus completing the circle of his creation. To be the witness of all this process i.e. to be one of the representatives of nature is truly a mesmerizing experience. And for him his every creation is the evidence of this experience. 
Like him even artist Madhav Joshi desires to express the "inexpressible"--the infinite--through the available resources of colors and forms. He too is completely awed by nature. He applauds the Nature’s capacity as a unified whole. The realistic creations are devoid of scientific or rationalist associations. He celebrates the raw form of nature in his paintings because he feels it (Nature) has enormous effect on him. Like seasonal swings, he experiences changes in his thoughts and mood and this he largely credits to variations in nature due to impact of changing seasons. These changes perk up and exhilarate us. It vitalizes and creates positive energy. He prefers to paint nature, get inspired by it and also divulge its depth and intensity to admirers.
Recent work by Vikas Malhara

 Artists of Green Palette also seem give greater emphasis on importance of intuition; instincts, and feelings along with activity of the imagination. Greater attention is given to emotions as a necessary supplement to purely logical reason. When this emphasis is applied to the creation, a very important shift of focus occurs; there is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. It is illumination of the world within.  This interior journey and the development of the self recur as subject material for artist Vikas Malhara. I feel his statement suggests that nothing is static and permanently dominant in Life. For him Life is a kaleidoscope of happiness and sorrow, of brightness and darkness, of the beautiful and the ugly, of the form and the formless, of the seen and the unseen. They interplay, dominate by turns, changing patterns and meanings along the way. If this is the truth, than he wonders what would be its essence. The fact that perfection of Life is hard to define, is does not bother him and he does not intend to know the solution for perfection, instead, he is determined to paint the token appearance and emotional outburst in life. Because he knows that whatever he has depicted may just be a speculation but it does exists and adds to meaning of existence therefore it needs to be acknowledged, appreciated.
Recent work by Raju Baviskar

Though these artists interpret things through their own emotions, and these emotions also  included social and political consciousness. Like, for artist Raju Baviskar, social realism is subordinate to imaginative suggestion, and most importantly the ideals suggested by his creations based on honest, hard working villager, their struggle round the clock for survival all these have simplicity and innocence, drawn with deep thinking of the reflections that he has seen in their eyes and expressions on their faces. The bodies are worn out and yet have hopes of something good to happen.
Ashok Hinge manages at his best to unify symbolism and realism. His creations are inspired by the God-made and Man-made elements, which is an attempt by the artist to metaphorically simplify the universe. For him man-made creations like temples as shown in ‘Surya Mandir’ is as important as lush green surroundings, mystical landscapes. The paintings are attractive in themes and colors as well. For a Universe to be complete in itself there should be a beauty and captors of beauty. So instinctively I feel he paints both- nature as self emerged beauty and man-made things that represent man as captor, who vividly tries to imitate and capture the power and beauty of nature through his creations.

In brief, It would be a great delight to feel and experience the revival of Romanticism in art after a long time on the group show ‘Green Palette’ and also be a part of spreading the message-  Gear up to make Globe Green again.    

- by Pankaja JK
  art critic & writer:- Art blogazine 2014

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