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Revolution of expression by artist from Maharashtra. - Pankaja JK

Maharashtra is a cultural hub and it has nurtured great artist from every art field; right from motion media to fine arts. Who can ever forget the greatness of Dadasaheb Phalke, V. S. Gaitonde, M.F.Hussain and the living legend Prabhakar Kolte?

( Revolution  Artist M F Husain 1983 Post Ticket )
A common thread that ties them together and makes them men of repute is the revolutionary ideas that they put forward through their art and which stirred the world. The changes happen in every age and all over the world. But speaking of Maharashtra, it has made history and continues to produce some of the finest artists of India and world. Chosen from the bunch of bloomed and blooming talented artists to exhibit their creation in the contemporary art group show called ‘Revolution’. 

Revolution is a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. Revolution in Nature and Society is meticulously and finely captured by these artists. Nature has disparate spheres and so also human traits. Both show transformation and change according to changing circumstances. They have been successful in effortlessly merging the nature and human on a single canvas and in a sculpture. These artists have captured the changes in their creations and presented the revival of expression and culture. All the artists are highly educated in art and with their intelligence and in depth vision make theme interesting and express varied forms of nature through experiences and reflections.  All of them are obliged by the society and wish to return back in terms of art that is pure and can be preserved in long run. 

We can easily observe their versatility mastery in the field in their expert works in oil color, acrylic, fiberglass and watercolor paintings.  These creations are not just imaginary romantic thoughts but, the lessons learn while adjusting the life style according to changing nature of society that is fast becoming urbanized. 

Artist Audumber Rudrawar is a man of few words; his creations also reflect the same trait. He feels that encounters with rigid life can be best expressed in art form by understanding it up to the core and reaching its basic form and he resolves to project it skillfully in his creations. This very resolution has created his special place in Mumbai’s Art world. He says everything in his paintings is from the world around him. The forms occupy the all-important ‘space’ in his paintings. He is very sensitive to every nuance of its shape, orientation and their placement. Working in watercolor on paper this feature becomes all the more important. Hues are not just for decorative purpose colors but take the form in his work.  Working in watercolor on paper this feature becomes all the more important - the medium doesn’t allow you a second, so his works can be like the works of a Zen master who creates after a meditation and contemplation. He titles his paintings sometimes - Advait, Unit, Cobalt Space...are also minimalist like the paintings.

Tuka Jadhav's life is live example of encounters with life challenges both physically and mentally. His rise from humble origins. Lost in colorless world due to catastrophic loss of vision an eclipse at the zenith of his career blindness made transformed his inner vision and led to his revolution in paintings which are exemplary and grandiose. The mood is created by the abstract ‘Buddha’ installation using a bicycle wheel, seat and screw. ‘Cosmic Harmony’ evokes the timeless and eternal influence of the Sun and the Moon to make nature blossom on earth. Like the Yin and Yang of existence the artist's handprint above the red-black sun expresses the common link of matter and spirit. A series of six river paintings pay homage to the water element as the source and sustenance of the stream of life. Pravaah or the flow is symbol of the eternal ebb and flow of thoughts, moods and feelings finds expression in myriad forms and colour schemes. ‘Bhoomi Sparsha’ in ethereal blue and white is a flight of fancy celebrating the meeting of the heavenly and earthly realms. ‘Godhra Mother’ and ‘26/11 War’ are stark reminders of the terrors of our troubled times, the kite-shaped works ‘Heart & Soul’ and ‘For Neal Armstrong’" are soaring tributes to friend Shivaji Kale and Neel Armstrong the first men on the moon. ‘Global Peace’ brings out the show's somber theme.
All the artists here are determined to face the challenges if life and create an admirable art through it. Their confidence to accept life as it comes and joy of creating fantastic creations can be seen in their exhibits in this show.
Painting by Ganpat Bhadke

Ganpat Bhadke’s paintings encompass whole universe in human being. The human being is a miniature universe. All that is found in the cosmos can be found within ourselves. All primal shapes are psychological symbols corresponding to inner states of human consciousness. A Trikona (Sanskrit for triangle)is a widely used geometric symbol that corresponds to a deep metaphysical vibration from the cosmos. Different positions of the Trikona are believed to impart different types of properties and attributes to the symbol. An upward pointed Trikona is a metaphor to describe ascension towards the spiritual realm. The individual being and universal being are one. All that exists in the universe also exists within us. A committed concentration upon the form of the Trikona provides a window into the absolute.  During the process, consciousness expands from concrete reality to abstract truth.
The union of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness is identical to Ultimate Reality and is the origin of all phenomena.

(Painting by Deepak Nagji Mer)

Deepak Nagji Mer an art intellectual is influenced by the holy cities of India he visited. His works are Eccentric, irregular, peculiar, evocative and definitely interesting are some attributes that can be used to express the eclectic collection. With his mastery over illustration and a thorough understanding of the intriguing and the interesting, Mer manages to combine the surreal with the very real emotions that need some ‘reading between the lines’. His canvas is a departure from the predictable, has a story waiting to be told and gives the art-lover an opportunity to explore other ‘points of view’ as well. The unsaid finds expression on his canvas, a voyage into the deep and endless emotional and curious intricacies within the human heart

Speaking about his paintings artist Abhang Balasaheb, an abstract impressionist, tells that his paintings are indeed reflections of nature. The energy and spirit of nature is transformed and takes the form on canvas. In his paintings the abstraction of nature’s energy symbolizes the mystical nature which is in unpredictable and changes at its own will and pace. No one can restrict it. It is colorful, vibrant, and restless. The geometrical figures seem to be its elements which are steady and unchangeable and yet have immense effect on conduct of nature.
sculpture by DINKAR THOPTE

Nature is composed of different elements and each element reacts and affects the cycle of nature; so also human behavior. Exhibition ‘Revolution’ shows a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behavior of human being as they try to adjust with their circumstances and surroundings. It is aimed at revival of art and to bring it out from fossiled state of expression. Here are the masters and budding talents showcasing creations something like nothing done or created before.  Along with the paintings viewer’s and art lovers can trace the revolutionary reflects in sculptures and installations. 

Watch, contemplate and admire the revolution of expressions! 

- by Pankaja JK
 (freelance art critic & writer:- Art blogazine) 

The exhibition will display Contemporary paintings and sculptures by Mumbai based Artist like 

Revolution Art 

Group Art Show of Contemporary Art at Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai to be held from: May 22nd – 31st, 2014 Venue: Art Gate Gallery, Churchgate, Mumbai
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