Friday 14 March 2014

You age is too small for the kind of artwork that you have created, it is a rare entity to find such thought in the youth of your age – S. H. RAZA

Right from the birth till being mature to give birth to a new life, I am blessed to experience every emotional feeling as a woman. At the very tender age itself, I realized that the Lord who created this Universe has scattered upon this earth diverse hues and forms and varied patterns, but maintained similarity in spirit of emotions that flow through these creations.  This is the only reason why we are able to simply colligate equally with the living and non-living objects of this earth. Sensing this minor yet mysterious knowledge has swayed me away into a very different thrilling and spirited world, the world, where everything is spiritual and very dear. It has a spell of magic from which I am not able to come out, or it would be apt to say that I willingly deny coming out.  With times, this affection has compelled me to develop a very different kind of world by giving forms and coloring these emotions. At the age of thirteen I was thrilled by my very own, first creation of this aura. It guided me to vent my creativity in an influential manner. I loved to work in Print etching style and the period from 1993-1998 is most cherished period for me. This is the period when all the dimensions that were necessary for my creativity, were unveiling before me and I happily ventured towards my creative world.

In 1999, I acquired lot of success in the field of Art, but for me the most valued thing was appreciation by S. H .Raza who praised my work and said, “You age is too small for the kind of  artwork that you have created, it is a rare entity to find such thought in the youth of your age. Your creative world is bright so let it flow continuously.”  These precious few words of appreciation made me realize that the surge of feelings in my creations is capable of binding the attention of beholders.   Thus, I was ready to bind the world into the magical spell of my creative world.

It was quiet a different experience of migrating from city of  Bhopal, the city with abundant nature and working in the city like Delhi where human feelings were restricted and superficial. The feelings seemed nothing to do with tender and rich emotional attachments. It was like, - The more superficial, the better. Therefore it can be summed up that, the nature of city has more or less ability to alter the attitudes. And that is the reason why I was not able to live in that city for more than five years and I shifted to Mumbai, to know the nature of one more city! Mumbai is such a city where people of varied natures live and there are different shades of life, the spirit to live happily in any prevailing condition, the zealous attitude of moving on by ignoring hurdles and moving without halts and winning over failures, make its personality more impressive.

 Even after the calamities, people who value life, care for feelings and do not let emotions perish and nor make them superficial. I am constantly studying this city since 7 years and a lot can be created here. The knowledge and education in painting as well as the medium of Print that I studied at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal prompted me to work in this medium in naturally abundant city like Bhopal and later on moved to the city like Delhi and finally came to Mumbai. Here I could experience a unique facet of life where there is a hidden beauty in the natural destructive forces and realized that it strengthens the purity of feelings and expressions. This is the only reason why my artworks created here are either destructive visuals or calm and serene. You can effortlessly hear and feel the spoken or silently expressed feelings. Even after the numerous blasts of emotions and tornados, a corner of your heart remains tranquil

Destruction heightens emotions and this happens innocently which is also a call of a new life. It is a special feeling for me to endow a character to the feelings of this city in my creations; it is as if, I am creating my own form. This cycle of tapping and knowing my soul calms me down

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