Tuesday 4 March 2014

My works intimately weave the moments of emotion with spaces for which we cannot scramble: Farzana Ahmed Urmi

Surrounding me Form my childhood I grew up alone. My thought was surrounded by myself. So almost all the time I became engaged with my own self and my own dream. But as I grew up my surrounding too became my preoccupation, though I found it not so inimical to my personal dreams. Society creates a lot of obligations, those that help me to clear my thoughts. These are things which are involved with my own life, career, family and my personal Life. When I was allowed admission at fine arts institution I started thinking deeply about life which totally changed my philosophy of life. 
(Artist: Farzana Ahmed Urmi- Dhaka)

My views became more realistic. I came very close to people. Both known and unknown people caught my imagination. Form than on to the present day my thought became engrossed in my surrounding. For me human being as a subject became a central issue. I studied printmaking at university. But following my passing out I started working on canvas. Here I have amassed what could be seen as my achievement in the past three years. I draw energy from both real life experience and from my subjective feeling. The works that I have brought under the tile “Lost Spaces” allude to the interior world – one which we have seen the wear and tears in the last few decade. Modern life has become all about voicing discontentment and making a statement to refute one another. In this climate, I feel that art should address the silent spaces that rest between human existence and nature, between clarity and ambiguity, and even between consciousness and unconscious reckoning. Thus my works explicate a veritable desire to express the inexpressible human condition; they are like a response to the world busy in production of knowledge and discourse through which we have failed to secure a future for all. My works intimately weave the moments of emotion with spaces for which we cannot scramble. It is remembering of the way of life we are slowly losing to speed, technology and info economy.
(Artist: Farzana Ahmed Urmi- Dhaka)

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