Wednesday 19 March 2014

Showcasing Indian art scene for the world...J.J Today & Tomorrow

In the last few decades, one has seen a reasonable growth in the contemporary art scene of India.

And in order to spread the awareness of Indian art and artists around the world, The Art Affaire, a platform for artists and art lovers alike, is hosting paintings by the ex-students and teachers of Sir JJ School of Art. A group show titled 'J.J Today & Tomorrow', the exhibit includes the work of 40 artists like Mangesh Kapse, Manohar Rathod, Abid Shaikh, Parag Kashinath Tandel, Javed Mulani, Vijay Bondar, Javed Mulani, Manohar Rathod, Abhid Sheikh, Raman Adone and others, alongside faculties from JJ School of Art like Anant Nikam, Douglas John, Dr Manisha Patil, Prakash Sonavane, Rajendra Patil, Vijay Sakpal, Vishwanath Sabde (Dean) and more.

The JJ School of Art too, has a tradition of excellent painters and art teachers like M V Dhurandhar, Jagannath Ahivasi, Y K Shukla, S B Palsikar, Baburao Sadwlekar, PM Kolte and so on, who through their relentless efforts have played mentors to numerous talented artists over the years.

This art show will give aspiring artists an opportunity to show their talent.

(The exhibit is on from February 24 to March 2 from 11 am to 7 pm at the Art Gate Gallery, Satyam Collection, Opposite Churchgate station)
(above painting by Raman Adone )

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