Saturday 19 January 2013

My paintings are not the subjects of interpretation but composed happiness- Prakash Waghmare

My paintings are not the subjects of interpretation but composed happiness- Prakash Waghmare

Creation is not possible without experiences; either physical or virtual. This is a fact that reverberates throughout the series of latest paintings by abstract artist Prakash Waghmare. The exhibition of these paintings will be held from January 29 onwards till February 4 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

He expresses his personal feelings and sensitivity to people, places and situations. But surely these paintings will make viewers empathetic with artist’s shades of experiences.   

Prakash pours out his heart as he confesses…  “While penning my paintings I feel myself being carried away from the physical world into the frame of virtuality.
Basically, I am uncertain why I feel like painting such images. And it would be no wonder that the answer to this doubt would not be simple as well. The years of living experiences along with minute details of natural world around and within me, remain rooted in my soul. That firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions or sensations and minute details of temperaments make me anxious and their images inspire me to create paintings. And it is through these varied experiences, novelty is acknowledged.
 Painting these novelties is like experiencing transition of light through windowpane and gauging into every inexperienced element of darkness. These experiences can be either current or bygone ones. But certainly we cannot ignore the existence of experiences. 

My paintings are not the subjects of interpretation but composed happiness.

The experiences derived from my paintings inspire me to live, give me distinct insight. Colors in my paintings vocalize realization and my colors may go beyond their conventional horizons.
While the truth of experiences peeps from paintings, they somewhere reflect the innate traits and therefore the shades which sway unconditionally and enthusiastically, being captivated by love of the rays of light and currents of breeze, prove their existence.  

Five elements of life Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky are present as the eternal sensations in my paintings and definitely establish communication with you.     
Precisely, the essence of all these vital elements project in my paintings and still every painting has its own language of expression to convey its distinction.   

Me and my paintings are so much involved in each other that, existence of paintings is equivalent to my existence. I wish to convey these personal experiences to you through this series of paintings.”  


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