Tuesday 20 November 2012

Satish Wavare latest interview -Pankaja JK

Art has come a long way from being just a matter of passion and entered a commercial avenue with global exposure. United Art Fair includes established and upcoming talents who paint, sculpt and create installations. There are nearly more than 350 artists selected from all over the world to showcase their work.
Annurag Sharma, Director of UAF is successful in providing opportunity to discover the value and diversity of art. Annurag Sharma promotes a wonderful interaction between artists and patrons providing superb experience to both, the art-lover and creator.

Johny M. L. one of the rebel fighters for art right, also a curator in this Art Fair has chosen exclusive works by various artists. In this article, I, (Pankaja JK), have abstracted work of four outstanding visual artist from Mumbai, viz: Satish Wavare  compete painter still on high note in Mumbai art, who work in different mediums other than in typical traditional style of using colors on canvas. It always interests me to watch work in group show rather than individual shows, so even this Fair is going to be a fascinating one. I had the opportunity to visit Satish Wavare artist in their studios and see the process of their creation and how the final outcome takes place through their creative process. Following paragraphs are addressed to their works with illumination on them in their own words.

Satish Wavare
United : size 10x19 Mix media on wooden comb
I had a short conversation with Satish Wavare, an artist who balances his act as a passionate painter who is clear about take on his individual art.  He is a graduate in drawing and painting from Sir, J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and specialized in portrait painting during his academic years. His evolutions in painting lead him towards choosing abstract over portrait painting and choosing a medium of wood carved combs. Unusual and unheard! But, he is successful in his work and has been a part of many shows and exhibitions all over India and even abroad. He works in Mumbai. Following excerpt is my inquisitive probe into his chosen medium for painting:
Q: Why did you choose wooden comb as your base for painting?

 S.W.: I was always fascinated by the shape of comb and it was usual found in our house right from childhood. My father was a priest and very often as the ritual a few things that a married woman should posses and obligated to wear is offered to Goddess. One of the things that were offered to Goddess by my father was this mini sized wooden comb. I liked it very much. In later stages of my development as an artist I decided to paint on small and medium sized wooden combs and it was bliss to find the effect very attractive and then I continued using it as a medium. The small even spaces in it and broad strip to hold it works as a texture and there is a kind of movement one can feel while observing the painting on it.  Now I am so obsessed with it that I personally feel that my painting process is complete only when I become one with form, color, line, wood, paper, water, oil, pencil, ink. 
Q: You always mount your creation on black background, any particular reason behind it?
S.W.:  ‘Black’ is my favorite color; it is vibrant and very vigorous. There is no particular reason but I feel black background gives a finishing touch to my paintings. 
Q: Does your profession have impact on your passion? 
S.W: I am very close to nature and natural environment had always been and will always remain my inspiration. The stretched ocean water, the waves currents, bio –treasure, shells and conches all become my visuals, which gets refined into abstract forms and ultimately become my painting. It is a gradual process of creation. The varied colors at sea becomes a challenge, because it is quiet tricky to make colors that match exactly with that found in nature. I also meet people with varied characters they also add essence to my creation.
Q: Do you plan to experiment with different materials like fiber, plastic combs etc. 
S.W: There is no plan to change the material of comb in near future. Working on wooden comb has become my identity and I am in no hurry to wipe out my identity. According to me exercising experimentation in same medium, helps an artist to add more depth to that kind of work and he achieves more maturity in it. 
Q: So, how would you explain your relation with art?
S.W.: When I paint, my painting is personified, I have dialogue with it.  There is a depth in our bonding and the imprints that my paintings leave on my being is my vehicle for the journey from the known to the unknown. There is a give and take kind of relation, where I try to give it a face though abstracted form, in exchange it gives me immense pleasure, satisfaction and makes me peaceful.
Q: What about trend of adopting new technology or raising installations? Don’t you feel like changing your medium?
S. W: I do not believe in aping. Just because everyone is adopting installation, I would not do the same, nor would I adopt different medium to make an impression of being modern progressive artists. I would do these things only when they would really appeal to my artistic senses. For example, I would only involve in installation art, if something around me stimulates me to do so and if I find that the installation speaks more of its relation to world around and not just stand as a structure without conception. 
JK: So that explains your spiritual approach towards art.
S.W.: Yes and that lies in the core of my creativity, total devotion and dedication to art; very important for me and my

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  1. I liked the answer on Installations. Satish is one of the dedicated and honest artists I know.


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