Monday 26 November 2012

Archana Mishra : Print

We naturally associate with varied expressions of nature and likewise nature also assimilates us in its varied forms in such a way that we cannot hold back ourselves from experiencing it. I always project these expressions in my creations and to paint it in identified and unidentified images according to their characteristics is my all time furor and contemplating and painting this vastness in a unique manner thrills me. So by painting my turbulent emotions and calming my inconstancy of mind on plain canvas, I also aim to liberate myself. To portray my very own talismanic world and to live in its celestial impact, bestow me a new persona and that is the sole reason why I am forever ready to integrate this whole world in its charisma... Archana Mishra

Copyright © Archana Mishra

(Copyright © Archana Mishra)


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