Monday 24 September 2012

Ultimately self-exploration is very important in presenting your feelings - Madhuri Kathe

An Art Power from Mumbai, artists Madhuri Kathe attempts to take the viewers in the divine world through her creations. Her deep study and understanding of Indian (especially Hindu) scriptures and saints from Maharashtra has a profound impact on her work. The viewers would surely find relief observing her paintings. This interview highlights her artistic inclination.

JK.: . How would you justify/relate your Art to modern day chaos in the world?
MK : I wish my creations provide some relief and calm to the disturbed minds of all the viewers around the world who are equally the victim of chaos around, and indulge them into spiritual/divine experience of the space (Awakash) .

 JK.: You choose lighter shades, is there any particular reason for it? Which mediums do you prefer for your creation?

M.K.: No there is no particular reason for using lighter shades; it is only that, I just love to paint in pastel shades. I prefer mixed media with acrylic on canvas. I also use mesh material to get the desired texture that would project sensitivity.  I basically create to express the feelings rather than for showing the physical or tangible attributes.  I strongly wish to go beyond the conventional boundaries of visualization which is restricted to presentation of cognizable things and can be deciphered easily. So I work on abstract nature of beings and objects. I relate these abstracts to Indian traditional belief in Nirakar/ Amurt (invisible and immortal); just like the air, fragrance of a flower, shade of a tree which can just be felt but never seen in a particular form, yet they exist;  in spite of your acceptance or ignorance of them. These  are intangible stances- Nirakar/ Amurt.

JK.: What is the base  of these unique artworks?
M.K.: I believe in sense of belonging to Art, and doing it poignantly means you involuntarily create it even if it is eternal. So I aim to give an expression to eternity.

JK.:  Do you think academic guidance is necessary to express yourself?
M.K.: I don’t think that academic guidance is necessary for self expression. Yes, it does help in introducing you to already set theories and techniques; but ultimately self-exploration is very important in presenting your feelings.

JK.: Tell us something about Raghogarh School of Painting” and has any other ancient art influenced your creativity.
M.K.:  Raghogarh School of painting was my subject for Doctorate. It is a School of Painting dealing with unknown tradition of miniature paintings and its aesthetic values. I am happy to say that my thesis was the first documentation of that School of Painting.
No, my work is not influenced by any ancient art; it is my own choice of technique and medium. In my creative process eternal urge is a very important aspect, which I get from spiritual masters like Sant Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.  Besides them, I love to read Holy Gita. My entire journey of thought process generates from these divine spirits.

JK.: What is the role of technological development in Art? Do you take the help of modern means in your creative process?
MK- In modern times technology has entered even the art field. I too have modern outlook in my creative process, but I do not depend on technology for my creations.

JK.: Which artists work do you like the most?
M.K.: I like the work of artists like Sohan Quadri,  S.H.Raza, V .S .Gaitonde and Rajendra Dhawan.

JK.: Which other forms of Fine Art do you like? Do you have any hobby that nurtures your passion of painting?
M.K.:  I love Classical music and devotional songs/ hymns in Marathi which are called Abhangas. They gently draw me into the world of spirituality and greatly inspire my work.  So, listening to these hymns are both, a hobby and an inspiration for me.

JK.:  Installation art is trendy, do you wish to follow it and flow
with the current?

M.K.: For me the word trend is like a changing a season and fashion. And even though I like installations, I don’t like to compete in the rat race. I will surely do installation but at the right time when I would personally feel that I can convey some message to the viewers through my installation.

JK.:Any message to the artists pursuing degree and post graduation degree in Painting?
MK.: I would like to tell my young friends pursuing their degree or post graduation courses to keep up the spirit of creation in whatever circumstances they are, because it is a great medium to express ourselves.

JK: Truly artistic spirit!

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