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After 20 years, Kumar Vaidya is all set to comeback with the most anticipated show... ‘SUKSHM’

When you think of an artist, names like Friedrich Schiller, Rembrandt etc pops up. Eccentric, unconventional and abstract in their being, they didn’t follow the typical norms of society, following their instinct and desires, they went through life as if it was a canvas, where the only acceptable formula was to use colours, textures and designs that fulfilled their sense of being, in a way that made absolute sense or sometimes, no sense at all.
(Kumar Vaidya)

Kumar is one of such person. As eccentric as any artist, what sets him apart is this beautiful disposition he has towards life and the meaning it holds. An eternal soul with the exuberance of a boy, caught in the daily humdrum of life, he is a story within a story. Walking on the road less travelled, he does what he knows best, and that is to just go with the flow of life, wherever it takes him, in whichever way it takes him.

Breaking traditional norms of being an artist, Kumar Vaidya’s life is as colourful and dark as his artwork. Having seen it all in the past 20 years, one thing that never changed was his undying passion towards feeding his artistic flair in whichever way possible, to learn rather than acquire.

A true artist doesn’t restrict his emotions and thoughts to one channel of outlet, instead they let it flow out through any medium possible, be it music, art or a philosophical take on life. When they talk, they are consumed with this sense of passion about everything and listening to them, your mind can’t help but wander off to the beautiful unexplored dimensions that only a true artist can open.

Such is the persona of Mr. Kumar, unassuming in nature, prolific in thoughts & alternative in personality, his work breaks all benchmarks that restrict human emotions. He is an artist who is completely in tuned with his innermost emotions, which are free flowing and does not limit itself to one form of style.

What sets his work apart is that it gives his viewers a sense of freedom to interpret his work in whichever way they want to.  Not wanting to restrict a persons thought and emotions, his work takes you on a journey of your choice. Open to exposition, his work challenges you to think outside the box, to not restrain your emotions, taking your thoughts on a path that has been unexplored, where meanings and preconceived notions no longer exist, a new territory of unimaginable depths and heights, where no two people will express the same emotions while they are lost in finding the meaning in his art. And when they realise, that the only meaning to bring out of his art is to free one’s mind and let it take its own journey, like Mr. Kumar did, is when the real meaning of his work hits home. 
(Untitled : 10.5x10.5" water color on paper)

Bio-Profile: Kumar Vaidya:

Kumar Vaidya is an Indian artist known for his contribution to the cutting-edge yet comprehensive Indian artwork. Born on 5th August 1964 at Kapadwanj, Gujarat, his first artistic endeavour began with his degree in Bachelor of Fine Art from Sir J J School of Art Mumbai. His drive for more rigorous and traditional training led him to Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris – FRANCE on French Government scholarship, 1993.

Kumar Vaidya, known for his avant-garde yet revolutionary artwork, successfully positioned himself in the Indian art domain with his first solo exhibition in Mumbai, Madras and Delhi in 1992.
Constantly reinventing himself while retaining his artistic DNA, Kumar Vaidya, especially known for his sense of style which leans towards layers and straight lines, gives his paintings a mystical eminence and high level of quality and perfection. 

Well renowned for his artistic disposition all over, most of Kumar Vaidya’s paintings are in a private collection in France. His alluring art work has also been showcased as a part of Sadruddin Daya's art collection. Mr Vaidya’s artistic talents have been recognized by known names like Rajiv Sethi, who commissioned him to paint one of his rooms at the landmark Shah House in Juhu’s Janki Kutir, owned by Czaie and Suketu Shah (MD Mukund Iron and Steel).

His achievements also include painting four of large size paintings for Kohinoor Bungalow of ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Manohar Joshi. Furthermore, he went on to paint a large (45 ft X 9 ft) painting on the wall for Vipul Doshi at his Churchgate office.

Artist Kumar Vaidya’s work stands apart and takes your mind on an experimental and innovative journey, breaking the conventional norms and showcasing depth through his talented art strokes.

After 20 years, Kumar Vaidya is all set to comeback with the most anticipated show, ‘SUKSHM’ that will display his extraordinary piece of art to all the art lovers. The exhibition will be from 22nd March -29th March at an art gate gallery above Satyam collection, next to Eros Cinema, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020.

(Report courtesy Atul Unadkat,)

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