Friday 21 September 2012

Real Estate, Gold and Silver…now investment takes U turn on United Art Fair, Delhi

United Art Fair is the most eagerly awaited event of the year where more than 600 artists from India and abroad would exhibit their work; out of them more than hundred artists from Mumbai are participating, whom I address as a ‘creative power of Mumbai’. Every artist’s varying style of painting right on canvas, digital art, installation, sculpture is mind blogging. I enjoyed every bit as a writer exploring their creative work and their rainbow effect on me. 

Sanjeev Sonpimpere

Among the famed Conceptual artists, like Rajendra Kapse’s work is a comment on the political aspects full of fun, satire, probe into human nature and feelings, Sanjeev Sonpimpere, a figurative artists uses the style of fragmentation to portray the environs that he lives in, in which survival instinct masters over the exploitation, chaos and insecurity arising out of socio-political and financial upheaval.  

Artists may work in any form, be it realistic or abstract, Archana Mishra an abstract painter summarizes the ‘isms’ and creativity of every visual creation through her views on Abstract Art when she says, “I believe that the things that influence nature and even us, are almost abstract. The comprehension of wordless expressions is very powerful.” She exploits the fiercest element in nature and disciplines its negativity by applying positive expressions to it. The conceptual artists like, 

Raj More

Raj More captures the variations of Mumbai; its character and so his paintings have socio-political message and events that develop the personality of Mumbai, He brilliantly paints mostly by using knife as a tool and uses colours lavishly to present the intricacies of each element that he portrays in his work; be it train, taxi, crow or simply the ground. ”  

Among the digital artists, Tathi Premchand presents the rotational view of renowned laundry at Mahalakshmi, Mumbai in ‘The Indian Dhobi Ghat’ by working in digital media. The public places which are ignored yet most important are the main themes of his creative digital world. Another upcoming artist Deven Bane works in various digitalized concepts. Other standouts include, Satish Wavare with his works in black ink in canvas, the exercise is disarmingly simple; the contrasting effect of hues add dynamism to his work.  There are lots of illuminating connections to be drawn in these works. Sanjay Sawant specializes in his use of envelope material, silver foils as his medium; Sweety Joshi creates a magical effect by creating three dimensional works out of rice paper layers tied by threads and by literary burning these layers. Though she moulds these layers, yet she denies calling them installations and mounts every work and frames it. 

The upcoming artists like Umakant Tawde strikes on the materialistic and monetary aims of people in riches to rags, by presenting the image of money in the core of a sunflower. Money in place of seeds do convey the idea that every being that breaths needs money for survival. 

Javed Mulani

Javed Mulani, one of the best young masters in oil color develops the concepts revolving around multi dimensional common man’s experience of urban lifestyle.
A thoughtful generation of contemporary artists of Mumbai moves about the cityscapes, peaceful natural settings in their abstract and realistic projections. Though I did not meet many of them personally but going through their blogs and painting profiles on networking sites has opened up a treasury of artists in front of me and I would like to have deeper insight into their creative zeal.

I have earnest regards for all the artists who are in the photograph and all those who missed being the part of this photographic session due to some reasons. I also want to tell the artists whom I must have not mentioned in this personal review, that your work is equally impressive as others who are mentioned here. May all of yours zest and zeal always be high.

Thank you
 - Pankaja JK

Contemporary artist Rajendra Kapse,Sanjeev Sonpimpre,Tathi Premchand and Raj More, well know abstract painter Satish Wawre,Sanjay Sawant, Shila Joglekar,  Archana Mishra, Para Patil, Sweety Joshi, Madhuri Kate,New upcoming Parul Patni, Lalit Patil, Sandeep More, Umakant Tawde, Javed Mulani, Daljeet Sehra, Manish Waghdhare, Manjeet Makad....more in united art fair....

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Tuesday 18 September 2012

I believe that the things that influence nature and even ourselves are almost abstract - Archana Mishra

Archana Mishra, is a scholarly Abstract painter with sensitive mind and heart; she presently lives and works in Mumbai. Though she lives in Urban environment, her thoughts always flow and swirl in the elements of nature. Her subject of painting is based on the undisclosed elements of nature that can be both, shocking and blissfully surprising. The following excerpt is a peep into Archana Mishra’s nature, as told to Pankaja JK.

72 x 72 inches , Mix Media on Canvas, Volcano Cup
JK. : What is an Abstract art for you?
A.M.: I believe that the things that influence nature and even ourselves are almost abstract. The comprehension of wordless expressions is very powerful. Like, when wind blows fiercely it is destructive and we call it a tornado or hurricane, but when it blows leisurely, it proves to be a life-giver. Abstract is beyond comprehension of ordinary being as it is not an imitation of real objects, but it surely satisfies the soul, the spiritual thirst .We cannot express the fragrance of flowers, emotions, the calmness of stars, coolness of waterfall or fury of volcano in any form, because those are abstracts and so ultimately when objects are separated from their abstract character then they ultimately lose their existence. Even if the figurative artist removes expressions from the figures, the paintings would seem lifeless. The gist of all this is that, feelings have no form, they are abstract. So, without abstract no realistic form is complete, but abstract is complete in itself. In Abstract painting by coloring and giving expression to our own abstract feelings, we provide perfection to painting. 
JK.: In these exhibits most of your images revolve around ‘volcano’, which if fiery, full of vigor and it erupts from the earth, why did you choose such an element from nature?
S H Raza and Arachna Mistra at  krisna art gallery solo show Delhi -2003
A.M.: JK, we all have fire within us, be it of love, sadness, joy, competition or simply the desire to achieve everything. When this very fire becomes ghastly, then it burst out as volcano. In my opinion, volcano has to erupt one day or the other. So instead of vigorous outburst if we let it escape out at our own will, then we can avoid many regrets and sadness or else who know when, where and in which circumstance it might burst and be the reason of destruction. We all know that earth is able to hold and tolerate volcano’s fury only for a particular time. I have observed that, earth, water, sea, snow ranges or any other element of nature has never been able to tolerate volcano. And we are just rational human beings! The images in my creations are the images of fire within me, to which I eagerly give an expression through my creations, so that I become calm and composed within.
JK.:     Tell us about your technique of work.
A.M.: I do not rely on a particular medium for my work. I have won awards for my paintings on prints, but my favorite medium is Acrylic on Canvas. I work even in mixed media if my creations demand it. My aim is to exhibit a finished creation and therefore I use any medium that suits my creation.  

JK: How many days does it take to complete one art work?
A.M.:  The time taken depends on the theme and the intricacy in it.
J.K.: Which other aspects of nature are dear to you, to express it in Abstract form?
(72x72 inches , Acrylic on canvas , VORTEX OF VOLCANO)

A.M.: Every form of nature is dear to me. Since childhood I would meticulously observe every aspect of nature, its every form, beauty and innocence etc; this is the reason why I try to relate human character with elements in nature. Till date I have painted many aspects of nature. But there are many more undisclosed subjects in nature that I still wish to paint.  
JK.: Do you have any inspirations?
A.M.: Nature is the biggest inspiration.. Every moment it introduces me to novel forms. There is no greater school or teacher than Nature. The more I learn from it, it seems to be less.  
JK.: Tell us about your progress as a painter.
 A.M.: I have done my P.hD in painting. I started my painting career at my home in Bhopal, in the year 1997. In that year I had my first solo show. In 1999 I achieved a National level award SCZCC, from Nagpur. In these 15 years I have achieved many awards and prizes, and I have been doing solo and group shows till now. I wish to attract the art lovers towards my paintings by astonishing creations; and I will continue to astonish the world with my creations throughout my life time.
J.K.: Does the competition affect you?
A.M.: No, I am never affected by competitors. But frankly speaking, due to competition many artists are trying their hands at new experiments and trying to give a unique identity to their works, in a way this is good. This is the reason why Art has progressed from being on canvas to other mediums. But I confidently feel that my creations are totally different from other artists, my world of creation is different. My competition is with myself and no other artist.
JK.: In this age of globalization, which means of exhibiting your art do you prefer? Social networking sites or Galleries?
A.M.: This era is good for artist and art lovers too. The advanced modes of exhibition like web. blogs, online sites facilitate us to display and share our paintings all over the globe and know the reaction of people about our works. Right from layman to art lover is free to express the views. Networking is like a revolution for our field. 
 80 x 80 inches, Acrylic on canvas, volcano waterfall
JK.: Do you think participating in Art Fair is a wise decision?
A.M.: I think every artist should participate in Art Fair. It’s a platform where budding and eminent artists display their exhibits under one roof and the exhibition is open to all and not just for a particular class or category. It also introduces artists to the changes that are taking place in the field of Art. 
JK.:  Painting is a passion or profession for you?
A.M.: Painting is first a passion for me then a profession. 
JK.: What are your other hobbies?
A.M.: I like to enjoy music and do photography.
JK.:   What are your future plans?
A.M.: In the next show I will do installation and I am also working to present my creations with a very unique perspective. Along with canvas, other mediums will be the part of my forthcoming creations. 
JK: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and looking forward for your creations in other mediums too.
A.M.: My pleasure!

It was a good experience speaking to this nature lover; In the interview she said that she tries to relate human beings to nature and I think that proves true in her own case. Cheerful and chirpy as a bird, flowing enthusiasm like river and filled with the burning desire to create more and more and something unique….just like her theme Tornado! Her hobbies too reflect romanticism and nature in its physical state is nothing but one of the real life expression abstract Romanticism. I guess there will be more surprises of nature that she would unveil to us in her next creations.