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Nippon Gallery presents a solo show by Srotowsini Sinha

Nippon Gallery presents a solo show by Srotowsini Sinha, in the ongoing show on our virtual gallery. We are glad to introduce her work, which consists of contemporary concepts and visual art. Srotowsini Sinha puts her artistic vision onto the medium in a magnificent way, with the audience being intrigued throughout the time of experiencing the artwork.

Artist: Srotowsini Sinha

Srotowsini Sinha from Kolkata (India) presently pursuing her BFA from kalabhabana, santiniketan. She works through a variety of mediums such as charcoal, ink, acrylic, and digital media. Particularly she feels more like working in photo manipulation.

Srotowsini engages with her works every day by focusing on the very familiar elements that go unnoticed or ignored which has an impact on her state of mind. She chooses various elements from pre-existing compositions or photographs and arranges them in a way so as to create a whole new sense of being. 

Sinha's work is very real reporting. The scale of rhythmic influence in which she has manipulated the common elements by the spontaneous of her thought is highly commendable. This dynamic of her work will help to make it much more visual in the days to come. Our Nippon team is excited to stage the artworks of such a promising artist through her solo shows. 

Nippon Gallery is highly obliged to welcome you all to this show. Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful. Nippon is India’s leading online contemporary art space.

Kindly visit our website and show your interest in magical artworks by young superb artists and make this show successful.

Solo Show
Online l Tuesday 20 th to 27th July 2021

Moderated by Moumita Sarkar
30/32, 2nd Floor, Deval Chambers, Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001, India.
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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Nude, an ungarmented body is the essence of nature, it shows the value of being alive...IN A STATE OF NATURE - N U D E



Nude, another way to describe a bare body, a body exposed but having a warmth of skin, which starts in womb and gives sense of our existence.In a wider way if we visualise, we all are made up of same ingredients but the recipe is slightly distinctive. We all are an amalgamation of bones, muscles, flesh and so, with a huge sprinkle of emotions and desires. Having bare body as a base which is owned by every soul, some still feel apprehensive while glancing at one. Though for some, it is an instrument for self-realisations, self-expression and a profound source to enchant delicacy.

My work is an imagery of pop culture, erotic and socio-political issues as reflected in the interface between ethnic mythology and modern urban life of today. Fashion forms aquintessential part of my work. The models in my painting are fashionable, flamboyant and glamorous totem of the contemporary. In both attitude and attire they endorse the mordant truth of today’s generation, a fetish for modelling and fashion intrigued with age-old practice of tattooing. My works inspect youthful fantasies sold through media and fashion magazines. Cropping, fragmentation and intermixing of the colourful motifs within the images are a satire on the fleeting world dominated by media and advertisements.
- Dileep Sharma

Nudity took a form of art during greek epoch, the frames of nude body started to get appreciation. Which was carry forward by middle ages and became a central core in Renaissance. People commence to perceive the nude bodies in more intellectual ways. It took a part in history paintings, including allegorical and religious arts, portraiture, or the decorative arts.

From very beginning of human civilisations, we have witnessed nude human figures, especially female idols, that happened to be considered as goddess of fertility, nature and well being.The temples of khajuraho in India, are the perfect examples to depict, how nude art played a part in religious chapters. It’s erotic sculptures seamlessly blends with the traditional and mythical characters.Slowly and steadily our eyes started to praise what is beneath the clothes, and many portraits, live drawings, sketches were drawn where nudity performed a gigantic role.

The photographs are the outcome of my self exploration process. I was in search of reconciliation within my own body. Our bodies are riddled with politics of gender, of colour, of size, of smoothness, of presentation and projection. Self portraits allowed me an objective lens to view myself through; helping in the process shed some of the self loathing, shame,
prejudices and expectations of my body that I had borrowed from society over the years. The ideas of womanhood, sexuality, the inherent sexualization that exists in this body unraveled to me. The idea that I am only a being, this is only a body, a body I nourished, a body that has taken care of me has started to emerge through this process.

Keerthi Chandana - Photographer

The Nude: a Study in Ideal Form by Lord kenneth clark, first published in 1956. The introductory chapter makes a distinction between the naked body and the nude. Clark states that to be naked is to be deprived of clothes, and implies embarrassment and shame, while a nude, as a work of art, has no such connotations.An era was initiated where a subtle line was marked between nude and naked. Now the depiction of human body was shown in more realistic and natural way rather than glorying it as of goddesses and nymphs. Public hair, marks were naturally shown.

The nude maja (1797) by Goya, 1815 drew the attention of the Spanish Inquisitions. Where in an elite society a female was shown nude and bare posing directly.Got alot of criticism in first place but was appreciated for it’s natural appeal later.Not just female but male has also been shown nude several times, the most appropriate example is the david by Michelangelo, 1504.

(b. 1977) loves to paint and has been drawing portraits since the age of nine. An IIT-Delhialumnus, he quit his rewarding career in IT in pursuit of his long-standing passion for Arts. His artistic yearnings took him to The Ryder Studio (USA), where he studied under master painter Anthony Ryder, withclassical realistic style of painting and life drawing as the focal points of his learning. His works have been selected at some of the most prestigious National and International Art Competitions, featuring amongst some of the best contemporary realists in the world.
His work is a synthesis of keen, careful observation and classical painting techniques; stemming from his beliefthat when you pay enough attention to something, it opens up to you. He likes to experiment with his style ashe moves on to becoming more in his artwork. Figurative works are his forte but he loves doing still life and landscapes as well. His works hang in private collections in India and the US.

He currently works out of his studio in New Delhi.

Amit Srivastava - Artist

Amit Srivastava

Apart from the nude enthusiasts, many had and are still being hostile to it. During baroque and renaissance era, the nude sculptures were given a shade of leaf on the private genitals, as they were not accepted bare. Which is still continued by some in present generation. Indian artists could not reside away from the alluring beauty of nudes, they kept their thoughts foremost and drew some of the most influential paintings of era, F.N. Souza’s erotic and sexual art displays nudity as regime of living, giving it a modern aroma. While Raja ravi varma’s and Amrita shergill’s way to present nudes has subtle and realistic approach.

Being inclined to some kind of art form throughout my childhood and growing up years, I felt more drawn to the visual arts, and started developing my interest and passion in this field. I started as a digital illustrator, and that root of art budded is still growing into the more traditional approach. My works at the current moment involve a lot of figurative studies, working with live models and experimenting with various dry mediums. Art for me is of course a way of self expression, but I think I also strive to understand a higher meaning through it, a way of communicating, a way of capturing the unknown, and way of looking in the mirror of our own hearts and the deep unexplored forests of our own minds and discovering and sculpting something on paper or canvas that lies somewhere inside us but uses these mediums to come out of us, and maybe even surprise us in many ways. This series of work mostly focuses on the detailed and realist studies of Human figueres, and capturing the essence of the human on paper. Some surreal, some real.
-Akshita Monga- Artist

Studying Currently: BARCELONA ACADEMY OF ART, Barcelona, Spain

Akshita Monga

Akbar padamsee added another way to show nudes while playing with light and shadows and artists like Bhupen khakkar indulged nudes in contemporary and meaningful ways.In a state of nature, nude, is a way to acknowledge nature’s most significant formation, the body. Fifteen impressive artists are exhibiting their works to portray the aesthetic appeal, foundation of living and wider vision of acceptance of being nude and visualising nudes.

Nude, an ungarmented body is the essence of nature, it shows the value of being alive, of being covered in a seamless skin. It has a power to feel, touch, cherish and excite.Nude is a way of appreciation and not apprehension.

by Sanchita Sharma

We are opening an online screen show on Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th July 2021
The online show will be scheduled for 7 days
Guest Artist
Dileep Sharma l Raj Bhandare l Hrusikesh Biswal
Akshita Monga l Amit Srivastava l Augustus Lightwriter
Keerthi Chandana I Anand Mahajani
Nilisha Phad I Sudeshna Saha I Surabhi Gulwelkar I Shalaka Shende
Uma Dhanwatey I Vikrant Shitole I Rajeev Pandey

Moderator by Tathi Premchand
Evaluated by Nippon Team
Credits: Heena Sk I Sanchita Sharma

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Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th July 2021

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Thursday, 1 July 2021



We are opening an online screen show on Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th July 2021
The online show will be scheduled for 7 days
Guest Artist
Dileep Sharma l Raj Bhandare l Hrusikesh Biswal
Akshita Monga l Amit Srivastava l Augustus Lightwriter
Keerthi Chandana I Anand Mahajani
Nilisha Phad I Sudeshna Saha I Surabhi Gulwelkar I Shalaka Shende
Uma Dhanwatey I Vikrant Shitole I Rajeev Pandey
Sales Enquiry :
Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th July 2021
facebook Event link:

Monday, 28 June 2021

Never having any political threads, my works always weave a story of social and personal intimation

Artist: Moumita Sarkar

Moumita Sarkar's art always has played a modest character in making myself more experienced about living in whole. It not only rendered a way to express but also to exemplify the universe revolving in my unuttered thoughts. Not always searching for answers my works sometimes raise questions too.

Getting fascinated and inspired by what Moumita Sarkar visualize around, Moumita Sarkar works are amalgamation of reality, expressions, reactions, void thoughts and visions which are then laid consciously onto the canvases. Bold and vibrant colors unfailingly have succored to express my moods and responses.

Being severely connected to my surroundings, I try to indulge every aspect of my life that has provoked and affected me in any way into my works. From material things, like bottles, bags, clothes, to the subconscious feelings like, erotic, dejection, sensual, exhilaration, each facet has contributed equally to anchor myself with life and depicting them is a way to complement their connection to me.

Rejoice of being a woman, the sentiments can be easily glanced in my paintings. I appreciate the vibes and temperament of women more than any other living. It has always been facile for me to associate myself with feminine which gave female a lead role and male a backdrop in my works. ‘Eyewitness love letters’, a praised artwork showcases the variety of emotional tangles a woman faces.

The vehemence and state of mind performs a vital and concrete part while I’m working. Every stroke laid, color applied, deformed figure and ambience created have its own way of expressing my responses towards situations and circumstances. Sometimes words play significant role in my works, their affinity with episodes of daily life, nourishes and enhances what I usually feel and enact.

Never having any political threads, my works always weave a story of social and personal intimation. The process of visualizing, sensing, connecting, compiling and then pouring it on the art space is what I call Art.

Admiring my town city, Kolkata and being influenced by my traditional culture Bengali, I’m not only inspired by regional semblance but a local and native fragrance can be sensed in my works. Accomplished BFA and MFA from Kolkata, I’m consistently enchanted by the profound environs. It always has galvanised me to the core and to create what I observe.

Moumita Sarkar expressions and emotions are fluid and art is a vessel, holding them firmly while giving them a unique configuration.


Sanchita Sharma


- Art Blogazine 2021

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Video Art


Deadline Extension.
Share who need.
Due to current Covid and uncertain lock down we are extending the registration period for video till June 22 2021.
Apply for Video art
Dateline: 22 June 2021
Send your recent 3 to 5 video link with CV with other details
Send email:
Curator: Moumita Sarkar
More details: +91 7439119228
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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Launch a new website as


Dear Sir/Madam,
We from Nippon Team are presenting you the newsletter for the month of June 2021.
You can check out the shows (group/solo), open call and Nippon Friday on our website
We look forward to working with you. Your feedbacks are always welcomed.
1) Apply for Video art
Send your recent 3 to 5 video link with CV with other details
2) Launch a new website as
Nippon Friday being a curated platform is highly selective of its partners to showcase art. Our team shall be evaluating the portfolios based on original artistic consistency, technique and style of art works. With this platform artists can sell their works directly to art lovers, art buyers and collectors. 10 works will be displayed online for sale for 365 days with highlighted details of the artist (Contact number, email address and location studio.)
Moumita Sarkar
+91 7439119228 - NIPPON FRIDAY
Upcoming show - Nude -Portrait -Solo show after 15th June 2021 on onscreen show –

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Deadline Extension. share who need.
Due to current crisis cyclone Tauktae and Covid and uncertain lock down we are extending the registration period for Monsoon Show till June 20 2021.
Deadline: 20th May to 20th June - 2021
Still Life l Painting I Realistic l
Creative l Head Study l Life Study I Abstract I
Figurative l Landscape l Drawing
Curated by Vinit Lawande
Visit website and
click “upload file”
Registration: Donate Ticket : Rs 500/- $ 5 charged
towards artworks & portfolio evaluation
Gallery will not take any commission
on sale of event.
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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Raj More 67th National Film Awarded ‘Khisa’ to be screened at 21st New York Indian Film Festival

Raj More

Khisa is among 58 feature films, documentaries and short films in 15 languages from across India that have been selected for NYIFF 2021.

Marathi short film Khisa (Pocket),Its debut directed by Raj Pritam More, has been selected to be screened at the 21st New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF). Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film festival will be held virtually from June 4 to 15 2021.

Raj Pritam More has won the 67th National Film Award for Best Directorial Debut for his short film Khisa. which is considered among the most prestigious awards of  India.

More told  that he was delighted about winning the coveted award. "Every filmmaker wishes to win a National Award," he said. This is his second National award, he already win 54th National Academy Award by Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi and Best Asia Art Award from Asia. Korea..He from JJ School of Art Mumbai.

The filmmaker, a respected contemporary visual artist, said the award has given him a lot of confidence. "This was my first film and I had invested the past two years in it. It had won many awards at various international festivals but after it got selected for the International Film Festival of India this year, I realized that there was a chance that we could win the National Award. I can't contain my happiness. I would also like to thank my team, especially my writer, DOP and the editor for having full faith in my vision.

“The whole story revolves around the shirt. The child is proud of his pocket. It sets him apart from others his age, whose pockets are not only smaller but also ordinary and similar to each other. The little boy does not understand the politics of symbolism that adults engage in, and his pocket soon becomes a point of contention amongst elders in the village. This story of a loss of innocence and coming-of-age of a young boy, is ironically, symbolic of the times we live in,” said More.

The filmmaker added that he was planning to work on a different film and had called Kailash Waghmare for casting. “He told me that in his village there had been an incident of a child who had attempted to stand out from the crowd by wearing a shirt with an unusually large pocket. I realised that this was the story I wanted to tell and Waghmare wrote it,” said the director. Waghmare plays the father of the child in the film.

Produced by Santosh Maithani and Raj Pritam More.Khisa is among 58 feature films, documentaries and short films in 15 languages from across India that have been selected for NYIFF, one of the most prestigious Indian film festivals globally.

India's Marathi short film''Khisa''(Pocket) is now making its way to International film festivals.

Khisa is a winner of 67th National Film Awards for Best Debut Director/Raj Pritam More/Khisa(Pocket)Short Film.

''Khisa''short film Official Selected in Indian Panorama for (IFIFI) 51st International film festival of India,Goa 2020. 

 From early this short ''Khisa'' won 2 Awards at the Istanbul Film Awards 2020.Best Film and Best Screenplay, 2 award international awards.

In India very prestigious Screenplay Awards at 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival,New Delhi .India -20 .


Short film also qualifies to compete for the prestigious Golden star Awards at the annual live screening gala of IFA,which will be held in Istanbul,Turkey in March 2021.


It's also Official Selection at  New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) 2021. 

Also got a nomination for Best international Short Film and Best Director at Dublin International short and music festival 2020.khisa also shown at world's premier online screening at (DISFMF) Dublin International short and music festival 20.

Now khisa  get  2 prestigious awards at  Mumbai International cult Film Festival.


''Khisa'' a short film its also selected at  Dharamshala International Film Festival  and set to world premiere at the prestigious Dharamshala International Film Festival .

KHISA winner of 2 awards at 13th Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) 2021 in International competition worldwood International Paronima-For Shorts in Short Fiction Category.1) BEST SHORT FICTION FILM 2) BEST SCRIPT

Khisa Short film win 3 Awards .......

1) Best Short Film 2) Best Director 3) Best Script at Ujjiani Short Film Festival 2021. it's Central India's biggest film festival.

Khisa win 2nd Best Short Film Award at 13th International Guwahati Film Festival presented by Guwahati Cine club 2021.

Khisa Win Best Short Film at 5th Indian World Film Festival ,Hyderdad 2021.

Short Film ''Khisa'' is Finalists for Filmfare Short Film Awards 2021.

And it's also Official selection at Montreal Independent Film Festival Canada 2020.

Its Official selection at 26th (KIFF) Kolkata International Film Festival 20.

Its Official Selection at Dioroma International film festival  2020.

It's also Official Selection at  Indie Shorts Awards Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020.


The film has been shot entirely in Akola ( Vidarbha) Maharastra

Khisa present by PP Cine Production Mumbai and Laaltippa Films.

Produced by Santosh Maithani and Raj Pritam More

Written-Kailash Waghmare ,editor -Santosh Maithani,Director of Photography- Simarjit Singh Suman,Music-Parijat Chakraborty,Sound recordist-Kushal Sarda.

Cast-Kailash Waghmare,Meenakshi Rathod,Shruti Madhydeep ,Dr Sheshpal Ganvir and Vedant Shrisagar (child actor)