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My body my life partner Isn't your body your life partner? Priya Dube Solo show at Nippon Gallery Fort Mumbai -1

PRIYA DUBE ( 26 ) was born in Sumesherpur, Uttar Pradesh. And she has been raised in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Priya stays with her family in Mumbai. The artist began her professional career as a trained Interior Designer from Rachna Sansad Mumbai and has gradually veered towards visual art since the past four years. Her work comprises Multi-disciplinary art and as she mentions “I have learnt everything from my surroundings. Being self-taught, I have become an individual expressionist based on my keen observation towards the situations, people, emotions and my experiences”.

One of the abiding influences has been her North Indian family background which has been a unique amalgam of traditionalism and modernity! Growing up in such a milieu her body’s development from childhood to adulthood was a defining moment both in terms of her family’s outlook towards her and her exploration of her own body. She also mentions that it’s not about being feminist, it is about deeply connecting with one’s own self both physically and emotionally whether one is male or female. And then it is also about being in sync with accepting and fulfilling the body’s emotional and physical desires.

Self portrait

To be one
To be the one
I have crossed the bridges
Of thousand love stories
Now I incline
My body
My soul
To a new journey
Discover the new me
Nourish the new me
Embrace the new me

The body is the layer of lust and love
We crave for the lust to be loved
But not love the lust
They look at me
As if the story is common
I look at them that the story is uncommon
Having said that
You still kiss me under the moonlight
Thinking today I will moan
Saying your name

I crave for you
As you crave for me
We make love in the minds
Fight between those words

Staying close to you gives me immense peace
Staying close to sea gives me the similar feeling
I ask myself do I love myself more than you
( smiles )
My body responds yes you do
I do I do I do
And we decide to be one

My body my life partner
Isn't your body your life partner?

Recen work at Nippon Gallery Fort Mumbai -1
Since the past one and half years I have spent a lot of tome delving deep into my body.  And I have transcended the societal boundaries I had imposed on myself all through my growing up years!  And I feel like a conqueror now!
The concept of this show began with photographs I clicked of my nude self to better connect with the forms of my body. As I started sensing every body part I developed a connection between them and my surrounding situations. I also clicked other pictures that gave me new stories which have been depicted in the pieces on display!
I choose mix media as my expression because I can narrate them in drawings, photography, film and audio. I believe in mix media because every expression touches a different sense of the body and this helps in giving a better connection to the story.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Friday Meet _ Nippon Gallery

Nippon Gallery

Nippon Gallery presents Priya Dube Solo show MY BODY IS MY LIFE PARTNER

Nippon Gallery
Priya Dube
Solo show
Painting I Sculptures I Drawing I Installation

Priya is all of 26 and her art has evolved along with her body
Friday 21st June 2019 
7:00 pm

Saturday, 4 May 2019

According to Revati, the self-reflection stemming from challenges related to exclusion... - Hansodnya Tambe

Inquisitiveness is a basic human instinct. The urge to process and analyse visual information is the genesis of artistic innovation. Remembrance of things past is a result of the beholder’s visual sensitivity and unyielding curiosity. It is through this prism that a human seeks to track the central focal points of his life, i.e. through contemplation. It serves as a means to delve into the depths of art. ‘Art’ is the essence of human experience. Concepts such as existence, love, pleasure, or truth are abstract forms of artistic visual creations.

An artist’s painting is nothing but an attempt to self-contemplate through in-depth exploration of various visual forms. Such quest resides at the core of any true artist or connoisseur.  It is precisely such inquisitive exploration that forms the basis of Revati’s paintings. Her academic training in Fine Arts, and deep deliberations on her themes, is evident in her creative expressions. 

The artist’s clarity about her character’s personalities, and her endeavour to use them for discovering intellectually-stimulating visual forms serve as a means to view her paintings. She believes her concepts are deep-rooted in everyday experiences. According to Revati, the self-reflection stemming from challenges related to exclusion, interpersonal conflicts, despair, denial, or rejection set us on unknown pathways/ odysseys. Painting is one such pathway, and in such creative expression lies art, she says. Simply put, paintings are a gateway. They help enhance one’s personal life through experiential knowledge, as much as truth, compassion, happiness, love, etc. do. Life itself is an inspiration then. 

Revati’s visual expression uses familiar experiences, thoughts, objects, structures, settings, and pictorial elements, presenting them as a story board/ screenplay, making the different works seems like a serialized novel. The viewers are free to interpret the paintings their own way, since ‘storyline’ is the prominent premise of each artwork, which can be subjective. The sketches, forms, textures, and compositions in her paintings sometimes veer towards realism. However, at the point where the (metaphorical) representation of the visual inquisitiveness transcends towards extremely-realistic depictions – is where her art becomes mysterious – requiring careful coding-decoding of the visuals to enjoy its best impact. It appears that the story has been narrated through discerning occupation of the entire canvas space using visual forms, instead of dividing it.

A lot of artists strive to subdue or inflate their egos or entities, during their process of self-contemplation. Such attempts seem absent in Revati’s paintings. Curiosity appears to be the prime driver of creation, giving the figures, shapes, colours and textures in her paintings, a touch of naivety or innocence. The works are sprinkled with dreamy poeticism. One of the works evinces the visual sensitivity of the realist painter and printmaker, Edward Hopper. There is an urban tone to the treatment of the paintings, as well as the rendering and application of colours. The passionate pursuit to carve out one’s own emotional, imaginative, and inquisitive space amid the comfortable, yet chaotic life of the city is evident through the series.

It is imperative that art must be viewed with an open mind and a clean heart, with total devotion and submission. And only once the ‘viewing’ is done, that the process of ‘feeling’ begins. That’s how it is!

- Hansodnya Tambe


'जाणणे' हा मनुष्याचा गुणधर्म आहे.दृश्य जिज्ञासूवृत्ती ही कलेच्या अन्वेषणाची जननी आहे. पाहण्याची संवेदनशीलता व जिज्ञासूवृत्ती यामुळे स्मृतीरूपांची शृंखला तयार होते.यातून मनुष्य जीवनाच्या केंद्रस्थानी स्वःताला रूजवू पाहतो.हा स्वाध्याय आहे. तेव्हा आपण कलेच्या गाभाऱ्यात पोहचतो.'कला' मानवी जीवनाचा अनुभव आहे.जीवन, प्रेम, आनंद, सत्य ही कलेच्याच दृश्य जीवनमितिची अदृश्य रूपं आहेत.
चित्रकृती मधून दृश्य जिज्ञासाच्या रूपाने आत्म-अन्वेषण करणे. हा चित्रकारांचा, रसिकांचा स्वभाव गुणधर्म आहे. जिज्ञासेचा हाच गुणधर्म 'रेवती' यांच्या चित्रकृतींचा आधार आहे.इथे जिज्ञासा हि रेवती यांच्या चित्रकृतींची जननी आहे. हे चित्रकृतीतून दिसून येते.
रेवती यांच्या कला शिक्षणाचा, रीतसर कलाअभ्यास व अध्ययन पूर्ण झाले असून, चित्र अभिव्यक्ती करताना तें त्याचा योग्य उपयोग करतात.रेवती यांच्या चित्रकृतींचा स्वभाव व स्वतःच्या चित्र निर्मितीच्या बाबतचा, दृश्य वैचारिक शोधबोध, हा त्यांच्या व्यक्तीगत पातळीवर स्पष्ट असल्याने, त्यांच्या विचारांच्या आधारे त्यांच्याच चित्रित दृश्याला पाहण्याचा एक मार्ग सापडतो. त्या म्हणतात त्यांचे विषय जीवनानुभवाशी निगडीत आहेत.जीवनांत येणारे मानवीय संघर्ष, असंतोष, अपवर्जनांची आह्वाने, अस्वीकार, निराशा, आणि असहमतीचा प्रभाव यातून आपण आत्म-अन्वेषण करून मार्गस्थ होतो. हा एक मार्ग म्हणजे 'चित्रकृती' किंवा अभिव्यक्ती होय. यालाच त्या कला असे म्हणतात. म्हणजे चित्रकृती एक महाद्वार आहे.सत्य,आनंद, प्रेम करूणा या बरोबरच स्वताचे ज्ञानानुभवात्म्क व्यक्तिगत जीवन समृध्द करायला चित्र योगदान करतात.त्यांना ही जीवन यात्राच प्रेरणा देते.

रेवती यांच्या सचित्र दृश्यअनुभवाचा मार्ग हा सभोवतालच्या ओळखीचा अनुभव, विचार, वस्तू,वास्तु, निसर्ग, दृश्य यातील आकारीक अनुभव कथांना, कथनरुपात साकारत चित्रकृती पूर्ण करतात.म्हणून त्यांची दृश्य सचित्र कांदम्बरीच्या शृंखलेत साकारलेली जाणवतात. म्हणून त्यांच्या चित्रकृतींची स्वभावभाषा सचित्र नवनीत कथापटाप्रमाणे भासतें.

'कथन' हे चित्रांचे मुख्य वैशिष्ट्य असल्याने, तें प्रत्येक रसिकांनी स्वताच्या अनुभव संचितानुसार अनुभवावे.चित्रकृतीत रेखाटन,आकार,पोत, रचना, याद्वारे दृश्यकथन गुंफताना, दृश्यकथानक कधी कधी अतिवास्त्वाच्या यथार्थ चित्रणाकडे वळणघेते. चित्रकर्तीच्या जिज्ञासेचा वास्तवातल्या रूपकाकडून, कल्पनेतील अतिवास्तवाच्या रूपाकडे कल गेलेला दिसून येतो.तेव्हा ती चित्रकृती गुढ होवू लागते.मग दृश्यांचे कूट (कोडिंग) उकल (डिकोडिंग)करत चित्रकृतींचा रसास्वाद घ्यावा लागतो. चित्रांमध्ये अवकाश विभाजनापेक्षा, अवकाश आकारीक संवेदनेने व्यापून दृश्य कथन चितारलेले दिसते.

आत्म-अन्वेषण करतांना स्वताचे अस्तित्व, अहंकार शमविण्यासाठी किंवा वाढवण्यासाठी अनेक चित्रकृतीकार प्रयत्न करतातच.याची छटा रेवती यांच्या कृतीत दिसत नाहीत. येथे फक्त जिज्ञासा दिसूनयेतेम्हणून त्यांच्या चित्रातील आकृती, आकार,रंगअंग, पोत, रचना, अप्रौढ, निरागस, अप्क्व, निष्पाप धाटणीच्या दिसून येतात. चित्रकृतीत स्वप्नील काव्यमयता विखुरलेली आहे. एका चित्रकृती मध्ये एडवर्ड हॉपर सारखी दृश्यसंवेदना स्पर्शून जाते.शहरीधाटणीची संवेदना व रेखाटन, रंगलेपन पद्धती आहे.समृध्द जीवनाच्या अडगळीत व शहरीकरणातील जगण्यात स्वताच्या भाव विश्वाचा, कल्पनारम्य विश्वाच्या वातावरणात जिज्ञासूवृत्तीने शोध घेण्याचा पूर्ण प्रयत्न दिसून येतो.
मनांतला ओरखडा आज बहरून आला । 
                                      आठवणींच्या फुलांचा सडा पडून गेला ॥ 

कला हि निसंशय श्रध्दा असेल तरच अनुभवता येते. कलाकृती हि विश्वास ठेवूनच पहावी लागतें. पहाणं पूर्ण झाले की, जाणवणे शुरू होते. इतकंच! 

-   हंसोज्ञेय तांबे

Friday, 3 May 2019

मानवाची गोष्टी .- .हंसोज्ञेय तांबे .

मन हे चंचल असते .असे म्हणतात .बुध्दी जर बुध्दासारखी असली,  तर तिचा सांस्कृतिक परिणाम अनेक अंगांनी बहरेल .यांत कोणाला शंका असता कामा नये . कलेला मानवा कडून कोणतीच अपेक्षा नसते .म्हणून ती मानवाची उपेक्षा करत नाही .जातिवंत कलावंतसुध्दा कलेकडून कोणतीच अपेक्षा करत नाही .आणि तो कलेची उपेक्षा हि करत नाही .त्यामुळे आत्ता कलेची उपेक्षा थांबवा असे म्हणणे .हे धादांत खोटं आहे . म्हणजे बघा .राजकीयदृष्ट्या राजकीय क्षेत्राचा आणि कलेचा काहीएक काडीमात्र संबंध नसतो .कृती किंवा वस्तु चा संबंध असतो .तो सुध्दा राजकीय  वापर व उपयोग यांवर आधारित असतो .राजकीय क्षेत्र व कलेचा संबंध नाही हे तथाकथित कला इतिहास वाचल्यावर कळून येईलच.तेव्हा तें तथाकथित कलेसाठी (कृतीसाठी)चा संबंध आहे. हे सिध्द होईलच . 

तें कळेलही.काही मानवनिर्मित कृती चा संबंध काही तज्ञांनी (डॉक्टरेट) राजकीय इतिहासाशी जोडल्याने तो सामान्य जनतेला कळेनासा झालाय .तो संबंध राजकारणी लोकांनी राजकीय हेतू साठीच वापरला हे नाकारता येत नाही .म्हणून आजही राजकारणी लोकांनी संबंध जोडल्याने, कलेचा नाही.पण वस्तु व कृती चा वापर होतोय .म्हणून त्यांना राजकीय लोकांना कलेचे ज्ञान नसते .मग ती मंडळी कलेदृष्टीने ज्ञानशुन्य असणारी निजपतील नाही तर काय.त्यांना राजकीय क्षेत्रात रस नसता , तर तें कदाचित कलेचे उपासक झाले असते .ना ! .जगभरात , चौकाचौकात ज्यां कृती आपण पाहतो त्या कला नसून त्या राजकीय , सामजिक , काही अंशी मानवाच्या अहंकाराच्या अस्तित्वाच्या चिन्हंरूप कृती आहेत .ज्याला आपण सारे तथाकथित कला म्हणून संबोधत असतो ? वस्तु किंवा कृती ही हेतूपूर्वक उभारावी यांचे भान महत्वाचे आहे .पण होत नाही उभारली जाऊ शकत नाही कारण कोणाचेच (राजकारण्यांनचे) हेतूपूर्वक कृती भान नसते .असूच शकत नाही .जे उभारले जाते .ती फ़क्त कृती पूर्ण वस्तु होऊन राहते .वस्तुरूपकृती ने जर कलेकडे काही अंशी निर्देश जरी केला तरी कृती चे सौंदर्य उपयोगी मूल्य वाढते .मग त्याच्या वापरातली किंमत किती हे महत्वाचे राहत नाही .हे न कळल्याने त्यांना सौंदर्यमूल्य तरी कसे कळणार हा प्रश्न आहेच .कलेचा कधीच प्रोजेक्ट होऊ शकत नाही .वस्तु कृती चा प्रोजेक्ट होतो .कबीरांनी शेलें विणले तें प्रोजेक्ट बनवून नाही तें कलेतूनच घडवले असावेत .कला शिक्षणाचा बोजवारा वाढत आहे .असे म्हणणे म्हणजे सश्याला शिंगे होती असं म्हणण्यासारखे आहे .कारण कला कोणत्याही संस्थेत शिकवली जाऊ शकत नाही .ती जीवनातील शाळेत स्वाध्यायी मार्गानेच कळते .हे सत्य कोण नाकारणार , तेच ज्याना यांचे ज्ञान नाही तेंच असतील .एकमात्र खरं कृतीजन्य शिक्षण याकडे दुर्लक्षच झाले परिणामी बोजवारा वाढत आहे .हे एक कारण आहे .कृतीशिक्षण हे योग्य कसे द्यायचे यांचे योग्य ज्ञानशिक्षण शासनातलें कलाशिक्षक आणि शासनात नसणारे कला शिक्षक व कलाक्लासवाले यांना नाही हे लक्षण दिसून येते .यावरच उपचार होणे गरजेचे वाटते .

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कला किंवा कृती अभ्यासनारे तथाकथित  कलाशिक्षक आहेतच कोठे ? कलाप्रतिनिधी की लोकप्रतिनिधी ? लोकप्रतिनिधी यांना कलेविषयी जाण नाही कारण तें राजकीय क्षेत्रातले आहेत .तें कलारसिक नसून राजकीय सत्तारसिक आहेत.त्यांना जाण असती तर तें तथाकथित कलेतील शिक्षणाच्या अडचणीवर पर्याय काढत कलासमाजात वावरले असते .कला कृती संस्कृती अनेक अंगांनी बहरली असती .प्रत्येक खंड , राष्ट्र हे त्यांच्या त्यांच्या रितीरिवाजाने  सांस्कृतिकदृष्टया  समृद्ध असतेच.म्हणून तें आजही जिवंत आहे .सांस्कृतिकराष्ट्र ही संकल्पना विकसित करणे , म्हणजे ही संकल्पनाच जणू संस्कृती नसलेले राष्ट्र असा संदर्भ पसरवू पहात आहे .असे सूचित होते .कलेला राष्ट्राची गरज नसते .ती स्वतंत्र आहे .तिला जातपातधर्म नाही .ज्या वस्तु वास्तु कृती प्रत्यक्षात आहेत.त्यांना कदाचित राष्ट्राची गरज भासत असेल .कारण उपयोग आणि वापर महत्वाचा आहे . ही एका मानवाची गोष्ट आहे .

आपला सभोवताल संवेदनशील होऊन जगू लागलो की सर्व प्रकारचे संघर्ष कमी होतात .मानसिक व्याधींपासून निर्माण होणाऱ्या चित्रशिल्पकृती मध्ये घट होते .बौध्दिक कसरती मधून निर्माण होणाऱ्या चित्रशिल्पकृती मध्येही घट होते .मग प्रदर्शन करण्यापेक्षा दर्शन घडवण्याकडे आपण जगण्याच्या अनेक स्तरांवर जगू लागतो .तेव्हा कला फ़क्त राहते .माणुस , राष्ट्र,  देश , खंड  यामधील कल्पनेत न जगता तो त्यातच वावरतो .तेव्हा  सुखापेक्षा आनंदाच्या संवेदनशील अवस्थेत तो जगतो .त्याच्या जगण्यात आणि वागण्यात भेद रहात नाही .तिथेच कला दर्शन त्याला प्रथम होते आणि त्यांच्या व्यक्त होण्याच्या कोणत्याही कृतीतून तें जाणवू लागते .तिच त्याची म्हणून कला असतेच ...इतकंच …

एका मानवाची गोष्ट आहे .
बघा स्वाध्यायी होवून ...! ! 

' कलास्वाध्याय ' 

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Monday, 8 April 2019

Manifesto of Tathi Premchand Solo show at Nippon Gallery Fort Bombay

Press Release
 My Paintings gain life after their sale; else they lie dead in my studio.

My paintings are not showpieces. You cannot decorate your drawing room to make it look beautiful, but you can decorate your mind with it to make your body beautiful.

Most of my time is spent in traveling by local trains in Mumbai. I prefer it to any other mode of traveling. It is the institute for me. Thousands of minds brush with each other every single moment. People have their own news, views, opinions, reactions, sometimes resulting in mass appeal. I can view the emotional and practical reaction of the fellow citizens by interacting with them and I think they are all creative minds and provide lot of essence to my creation. I see a person trading in vegetables or scraps has more perfect knowledge of economics and politics of the world. He doesn't need a degree or big fat books to update his knowledge, the everyday struggle is guide for him. That's something different which you find only in local trains. It also represents mini India with its clashes and unity projected from time to time. People converse and argue as if discussing the issue in the world conference.

Variation is but natural in my paintings. Just as Heraclitus had rightly said, 'It is not possible to step twice in the same river.' My paintings too are most spontaneous expressions rather than well planned process so you will always find variety in the work. Every work has different appeal and presentation method, setting different moods with use of topic relevant colors, forms and style. Painting is not just passion for me, it is a part of my life. I paint when I get stimulated to do so. There are times when for days together I do not paint at all.
I gradually was introduced to Galileo, Heraclitus, Osho, Mirza Galib, Kabir, and Lao Tuz and their lives. Their philosophies have greater impact on my work and my self being. Pablo Picasso is great artist, I worked as a volunteer for one month in NGMA, Mumbai because of passion for Pablo Picasso, during his paintings exhibition, just to be close to his art work. Though his work has good impact on my life, but it does not influence my work.
I cannot even follow foot step of my own work

More about artist and his Artworks

Pankaja JK

We open our second exhibition for the year with MANIFESTO of TATHI PREMCHAND on April 9th. This will be Tathi Premchand's second solo exhibition with Nippon, his first solo show being in 2005

Preview: 9th April 2019

6pm to 10.30 pm
Date : 10th to 20th April 2019

12 pm to 8pm
We are on open Sunday * Holidays as per appointments.
30/32, 2nd Floor, Deval Chambers,Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Tel:022 6633 3997 / Email:

Friday, 5 April 2019


Contemporary Art Space
Nippon Gallery
30/32, 2nd Floor, Deval Chambers,Nanabhai Lane, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.Tel: 022 6633 3997

Monday, 11 March 2019


Why should I be ashamed to describe what nature was not ashamed to create.
                                                        -Pietro Aretino
"Erotic art covers any artwork that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of sexual activity." 

This is what we all know very well by now. What I fail to understand about this art sect is the extreme criticism & outright rejection that it gets in India. All around the globe erotic art is made & sold on a very large scale. The roots of Erotic Art worldwide lay in India only, but yet India criticizes it the most.

How many times a day do you walk around breaking mirrors because it shows you your reflection? Erotic Art is also a reflection of your life; in fact, in reality, it helps us witness a very important part of our existence. Each & every living being on our planet Earth is known to mate & has to so that their type exist longer.

The oldest religious & cultural tradition that is known as well as followed is Hinduism. Hinduism believes in “Moksha” that is the transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth. There are three main paths to attain this viz.
  • ·         Arth = Material Prosperity, Income Security, Means of Life   
  •        Dharma = Virtuous, Moral Life
  • ·         Kama = Sexual Desire, Pleasure, Sensuality, Emotional Fulfilment

Once an individual has successfully crossed these paths he walks on the last on that is Yoga which eventually leads him/her to Moksha. It is very clear that Kama plays a very important role in each & every individual’s life irrespective of gender, caste & economic strata.

Innumerable ancient sculptures, paintings & folk stories told from generation to generation are proof of our ancestors' lifestyle. Sex for pleasure was totally acceptable in those days & it was also recorded via paintings. The sculptures on the temples in Khajuraho themselves speak loudly of a very broad mindset our ancestors were blessed with. These sculptures though speak more of pure beauty & no perversion at all. They are a clear way of explaining to the masses that sex is not something to be ashamed of. It is common sense that anything explicit would never be allowed near temples; on the contrary, these sculptures adorn the entire exterior part of these temples. Many temples around India have such sculptures as their exterior. 



Another source of inspiration throughout the globe is the Kama Sutra written by Vatsyayana that is an ancient text originally written in Sanskrit. It has 1250 verses distributed in 36 chapters with each one having 64 sections that are very meticulously put together in 7 books. Also note that it’s not predominantly a sex manual on sex positions only, as it is a guide to the “ Art-of-Living”  well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one’s love life & other aspects pertaining to pleasure- oriented faculties of human life.

All these ancient sources are enough to make one believe that sex is not something to be looked down upon. The recent unpleasant condition of erotic art is again an award bestowed upon us due to the cultural alterations done by the British during their rule. As their grip tightened on us, our culture it automatically & obviously changed our attitude towards sex & nudity too. In a country where clothing depended on your caste & economic strata, they changed our mentality towards it too by setting examples like that of an ideal man/ woman, most desirable man/ woman. Where low caste female would be satisfied & happy that her husband earns enough to buy her one piece of cloth to cover her private parts; women started adapting the ideal woman trend thus raising the bar for men as well & so we see innumerable trends & styles today for men & women in India. All these practices directly affected the sex lives of people too. The sex values & practices we followed since many past centuries were then seen as barbaric & inferior. Their norms & ways which were that masturbation caused serious health issues, sex should be restricted to reproduction purposes only & that enjoying sex in any other way was shameful especially for women. Over a period of their rule, such conservative sex values overlapped our rich cultural heritage to such an extent that we abide by it till date.
The artists who portray this erotic side of our lives are very comfortable with what they do & how they do. Their perspective is not a provocative or perverted one at all. On the contrary, they are depicting the various colors we focus on during physical pleasure directly & mental pleasure indirectly. There is nothing to feel shy or aggressive of when visiting any Erotic Art exhibitions, performance, film screening, recitation or anything else.

The more you accept, you teach yourself to absorb it & so you grow even more.

Keep reading our articles to know more about a few crazy Indian artists who took Erotic Art too much seriously equal to breathing itself & what happened to them thereafter.

Vidhi Joshi 

Art Writer 

2019 @Art Blogazine 

(PS: This article is not written for commercial use.)