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Fear and hope  two integral parts of life- the artist is simply a vehicle for recording life at its existential best, within these two parameters.I am part of society, therefore my paintings are basically attempts at recording my personal relationships and experience.

The dichotomy between the tedium of everyday living and beauty of nature is what inspires me to paint. Form, colour, tone and texture- the main elements of modern painting and thus also in my works, while oweing to debt to nature is not really illustrative of it. While I admire nature, I try not to imitate her. Technically speaking, the transparent overlays of bright colour, in conjunction with blurred spread of the dots and stains of pigment, result in the slowly emerging sequence of abstract forms and lines.

Patil Rajendra- PaRa

I have been learning towards simplification in my quest towards pure form and colour.My vocabulary of form, though culled from nature has never been swamped by it.The canvas is virgin territory to me a vast arena waiting to be explored and experienced and filled with stirring tales of action and reaction.In the final run, it is only the simple act of painting that counts.The increasingly impersonal urban milieu with the disintegrating sense of values violence has now become a part and parcel of life-if I were to base my paintings on such subjective reactions, I would be adding to the straw on the camels back.Instead of stark reality, therefore I concentrate on giving concrete expression to the simple joy of being alive, communicating this pleasure to like-minded souls. This I believe is an important role for any artist.In the final run, it is only the simple act of painting that counts.

29 Nov 2021 delivered lecture and slideshow presentation at Government art and craft college Patna

When I think of the foundation of the process of my creation, it is from the inner emotional union of those thoughts beyond the basic thinking that depends on the level of the state of mind and the hymn at that time.  As the thought expands, it takes on a distinctive shape into body-mind-intelligence-accustomed parts, and a complementary attitude is formed necessary for manifestation. My art invention is limited to a specific implied meaning.  However, this thought process is fearless even on the established following for many decades, centuries.

File Photo- Patil Rajendra- PaRa

And it creates a buzz when Avam transfers its orbital experience to an individual rhythmic style, based on a variety of ideas and the basic structure of real memory, voice-imagined imagery.  The delivery process of a presentation then begins.  Just as in life, under many such collective conjectures, and self-experience, an individual thought begins.

Like the structure of my art is fearless on two dimensions of life, such as fear and hope.  Thoughts expressed with compassion are art work.  The notion of a subject matter or valley representation.  The product does. As life has an evolved version from eternity, it reflects the art culture of that stage.  This art idea and visual effect is a shape aesthetic presentation based on the background of that event.

Which is my art method. And the medium is formed with the resulting composition.

The levels of good and bad also have a myth.The person constructs the ornate expressions of life, sad, or pleasant feelings, and can be made from it pleasant and pleasurable, positive, healing.

My visual experience is expected to be presented in a series of metaphors. It requires the same perpetual style disclosure Jistraha folk, country music, whether it is the music of Mozart, or the traditions of Indian music in the background.  The taste appears to be sounding on toxic intentions, only the following representative philosophy is successful, its true story.

That's how in my art I try to match the manifestation of immortality, always trying to make a safe, healing look.

Text by Patil Rajendra- PaRa

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Press Relase 3-12-2021

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