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Why should I be ashamed to describe what nature was not ashamed to create.
                                                        -Pietro Aretino
"Erotic art covers any artwork that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of sexual activity." 

This is what we all know very well by now. What I fail to understand about this art sect is the extreme criticism & outright rejection that it gets in India. All around the globe erotic art is made & sold on a very large scale. The roots of Erotic Art worldwide lay in India only, but yet India criticizes it the most.

How many times a day do you walk around breaking mirrors because it shows you your reflection? Erotic Art is also a reflection of your life; in fact, in reality, it helps us witness a very important part of our existence. Each & every living being on our planet Earth is known to mate & has to so that their type exist longer.

The oldest religious & cultural tradition that is known as well as followed is Hinduism. Hinduism believes in “Moksha” that is the transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth. There are three main paths to attain this viz.
  • ·         Arth = Material Prosperity, Income Security, Means of Life   
  •        Dharma = Virtuous, Moral Life
  • ·         Kama = Sexual Desire, Pleasure, Sensuality, Emotional Fulfilment

Once an individual has successfully crossed these paths he walks on the last on that is Yoga which eventually leads him/her to Moksha. It is very clear that Kama plays a very important role in each & every individual’s life irrespective of gender, caste & economic strata.

Innumerable ancient sculptures, paintings & folk stories told from generation to generation are proof of our ancestors' lifestyle. Sex for pleasure was totally acceptable in those days & it was also recorded via paintings. The sculptures on the temples in Khajuraho themselves speak loudly of a very broad mindset our ancestors were blessed with. These sculptures though speak more of pure beauty & no perversion at all. They are a clear way of explaining to the masses that sex is not something to be ashamed of. It is common sense that anything explicit would never be allowed near temples; on the contrary, these sculptures adorn the entire exterior part of these temples. Many temples around India have such sculptures as their exterior. 



Another source of inspiration throughout the globe is the Kama Sutra written by Vatsyayana that is an ancient text originally written in Sanskrit. It has 1250 verses distributed in 36 chapters with each one having 64 sections that are very meticulously put together in 7 books. Also note that it’s not predominantly a sex manual on sex positions only, as it is a guide to the “ Art-of-Living”  well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one’s love life & other aspects pertaining to pleasure- oriented faculties of human life.

All these ancient sources are enough to make one believe that sex is not something to be looked down upon. The recent unpleasant condition of erotic art is again an award bestowed upon us due to the cultural alterations done by the British during their rule. As their grip tightened on us, our culture it automatically & obviously changed our attitude towards sex & nudity too. In a country where clothing depended on your caste & economic strata, they changed our mentality towards it too by setting examples like that of an ideal man/ woman, most desirable man/ woman. Where low caste female would be satisfied & happy that her husband earns enough to buy her one piece of cloth to cover her private parts; women started adapting the ideal woman trend thus raising the bar for men as well & so we see innumerable trends & styles today for men & women in India. All these practices directly affected the sex lives of people too. The sex values & practices we followed since many past centuries were then seen as barbaric & inferior. Their norms & ways which were that masturbation caused serious health issues, sex should be restricted to reproduction purposes only & that enjoying sex in any other way was shameful especially for women. Over a period of their rule, such conservative sex values overlapped our rich cultural heritage to such an extent that we abide by it till date.
The artists who portray this erotic side of our lives are very comfortable with what they do & how they do. Their perspective is not a provocative or perverted one at all. On the contrary, they are depicting the various colors we focus on during physical pleasure directly & mental pleasure indirectly. There is nothing to feel shy or aggressive of when visiting any Erotic Art exhibitions, performance, film screening, recitation or anything else.

The more you accept, you teach yourself to absorb it & so you grow even more.

Keep reading our articles to know more about a few crazy Indian artists who took Erotic Art too much seriously equal to breathing itself & what happened to them thereafter.

Vidhi Joshi 

Art Writer 

2019 @Art Blogazine 

(PS: This article is not written for commercial use.)

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